Divas and women's wrestling


Divas WWE is a deprecated term that WWE used to refer to the women in its cast (fighters or not) from 1999 to 2016.

Sunny It is considered the first Diva, although she was not a fighter, but a manager, commentator and interviewer. When the term began to be used, none of the Divas was a fighter: Sunny, Sand, Marlena y Debra.

Sable trained to fight, which led to the creation of a women's division, which they named Divas Division. WWE then hired fighters like jacqueline, Ivory y Tori.

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In 2000 new Divas arrived, such as Trish Stratus y Lita. In 2001 several were incorporated that came from WCW, as Torrie Wilson y Stacy Keibler. Despite the fact that more experienced fighters were arriving over the years, The level shown in the ring was never good, as the main stars were hired based on their physical appearance.

The era of the Divas was plagued by one-minute struggles and with strange stipulations, like pillows and bra & panties. Because in NXT the fighters were treated as such, they gave great battles, causing fans to create the #GiveDivasAChance movement.

On July 13, 2015, on Monday Night Raw, Stephanie McMahon proclaimed the beginning of the Divas Revolution, debuting in the main cast to Becky lynch, Charlotte y Sasha Banks. The March 30 of 2016, WWE announced that it was renouncing the term "Divas" to refer to its fighters. From now on they would be only WWE Superstars, just like men.

During WrestleMania 32, Lita presented the new WWE Women's Championship which would replace the Divas Championship. Since then, the term "Diva" is only used in WWE programming as an insult. If a fighter calls another one "Diva", it is like saying that she does not know how to fight.

The only place it stays is in the program title Total Divas, from channel E! although the word "Diva" was no longer mentioned in it.