WWE SMACKDOWN (June 26, 2020) | Live results | Tribute to the Undertaker

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SMACKDOWN JUNE 26, 2020 .— Apparently due to the crisis that covid-19 is causing inside WWE, the company has decided reconfigure your recording schedule, for wrestlers, producers and other employees have tested positive tested for SARS-COV2 coronavirus disease. Renee Young was the first to announce it. And Kayla Braxton followed. And while further testing is in progress, WWE will reduce its content. That is why tonight we will have a tribute to the Undertaker and the repeat of the WrestleMania Boneyard Match. That and more we will see from the facilities of the Performance centerin Orlando, Florida.

SmackDown June 26, 2020

There are not many more details than WWE have given over tonight's episode. But surely we will see some progress of the rivalries, because Extreme Rules is getting closer.

SmackDown June 26, 2020

We start with a video of tribute to The Undertaker, and at the conclusion, the Blue Brand Superstars applaud and say "Thank you Taker". This is an episode honoring the legacy of the "Dead Man"

John Cena and Roman Reigns give a few words about the Undertaker's legacy.

► 1- Repetition - Boneyard Match: The Undertaker vs. AJ Styles (WrestleMania 36)

WWE SMACKDOWN (June 26, 2020) | Live results | Tribute to the Undertaker 1

The coverage of the Boneyard March that took place at WrestleMania 36 can be seen at this link.

And we already know who was buried ...

WWE WRESTLEMANIA 36 (April 4, 2020) | Live results | The first night 74

Once the Boneyard Match is over, King Corbin is in the center of the ring and refers in bad terms to the Undertaker and tells him that he has nothing to thank him for and tells Undertaker that he is a son of per ** for spending 30 years relegating to talent. Then he tells the public that they are idiots for saying "Thanks Taker"

WWE SMACKDOWN (June 26, 2020) | Live results | Tribute to the Undertaker 2

Jeff Hardy appears and attacks the King, taking him out of the ring and finishing him off with a dropkick.

corbin 11

Jeff Hardy says Undertaker is a mentor and that he should be on his Mount Rushmore wrestling. Then challenge Corbin for tonight's stellar event.

WWE SMACKDOWN (June 26, 2020) | Live results | Tribute to the Undertaker 3

Bayley and Sasha Banks arrive at the commentary table to witness the next fight in the front row.

► 2- Alexa Bliss vs. Nikki Cross vs. Dana Brooke vs. Lacey Evans

The winner will face Bayley for the SmackDown Women's Championship

WWE SMACKDOWN (June 26, 2020) | Live results | Tribute to the Undertaker 4

After taking out Dana Brooke and Lacey Evans, Nikki attacks Alexa and she is surprised. Being individual action, both greet each other and go against each other. Eventually Lacey Evans takes Alexa out of the ring and they surround Nikki between her and Dana Brooke.

Nikki launches against Lacey Evans, but Dana sends her to the canvas and launches herself onto it to achieve a two count that Lacey Evans breaks.

dana 1

Alexa continues outside and the action unfolds between the other three women. Brooke sends Lacey Evans to the mat and connects a Senton to it. The referee counts to two as Nikki interrupts.

dana 2

Dana celebrates for a while, Alexa comes back and attacks her and then goes for the Twisted Bliss, but fails. Cross applies a Dropkick on Brooke, who rejoined and is face to face with Alexa. Lacey Evans returns and the best friends seem to go against her.

But Lacey Evans gives Alexa a trip and faces Nikki, who sends her to the corner, but fails a tie. Evans elbows Nikki and then Dana appears, who jumps on the ropes, only to receive a Woman's Right.

Nikki surprises from behind and with a creeper achieves the count of three.

Nikki 4

Nikki Cross is the winner in a decent match and becomes the new challenger to the Bayley Championship, with whom she will face at Extreme Rules 2020. At least the friendship with Alexa Bliss remains intact, since the two celebrate and merge in a hug.

And from the ring Alexa and Nikki face the Champions of couples.

WWE SMACKDOWN (June 26, 2020) | Live results | Tribute to the Undertaker 5

► 2- The New Day and Lucha House Party vs. Cesaro, Shinsuke Nakamura, The Miz and John Morrison

Big E and Miz initiate the action. The latter attacks first after leaving the ring. However, he is quickly dominated by the New Day member, who applies an iron to the edge of the ring.

Then Lince Dorado scores a score of two over Miz and Miz reaches his corner to take over. Cesaro in action with the masked man and the latter achieves a count of two, after an agile maneuver that ends in a vine.

cesaro 1

Kofi and Nakamura in the ring, and the first one misses a kick and Nakamura hands over to Morrison, who after a brief attack, receives a dropkick from Kofi and he achieves a score of two.

Upon returning from the commercial, Kofi is punished, but Kofi drops a dropkick on Miz. He reaches his corner and hands over to Nakamura, but Kofi does not reach his and Big E is distracted by the referee while Nakamura attacks Kofi.

Finally, Kofi reaches his corner and Gran Metalik is the one who takes control and with scissors sends Morrison to the canvas.

miz 1

As The New Day battled Nakamura and Cesaro out of the ring, Lince Dorado kicks in, though Metalik remains legal and sends Miz to the canvas. However, seeing Morrison approaching, he launches himself on it and with scissors sends it outside.

In the ring, Metalik climbs to the third rope and with a Springboard Elbow on Miz, he achieves the count of three.

morrison 3

The New Day and Lucha House Party are the winners in a decent fight, while the hostilities between The New Day and its challengers still continue, who ignored themselves in the aftermath of this meeting

And the good ones remain standing.

WWE SMACKDOWN (June 26, 2020) | Live results | Tribute to the Undertaker 6

Behind the scenes, King Corbin scoffs wondering if The Undertaker pulled Jeff Hardy out of rehab. Then he says that tonight Jeff Hardy "will rest in peace."

WWE SMACKDOWN (June 26, 2020) | Live results | Tribute to the Undertaker 7

Braun Strowman is now the one who comes to the ring and says that for the first time he was afraid of Bray Wyatt. Then he remembers sitting on the edge of the swamp one night when a snake approached Wyatt's flashlight. Wyatt prevented Strowman from trampling on him and said the snake was his friend. Strowman was confused as he watched Wyatt come face to face with the snake. The snake bit Wyatt, and Wyatt laughed.

Strowman says Wyatt laughed when the snake repeatedly bit him. Strowman knew then that he was in the presence of evil. Strowman says Wyatt was not poisoned, bled, or shuddered when the snake bit him in the face. All he did was laugh. Strowman knew then that Wyatt was the devil himself, that Wyatt was the serpent. Strowman was overwhelmed with excitement and couldn't help himself, so he started doing the devil's job. The downside of it all is that he loved every second.

WWE SMACKDOWN (June 26, 2020) | Live results | Tribute to the Undertaker 8

The screen returns to the swamp scenes. Strowman says parts of him still love him. He has done everything in his power to lock up that side of him, but he requires it. Strowman says he can't go on living like this. Strowman asks Wyatt if he wants to go back to the swamp, to the mysterious hell Wyatt calls home.

Strowman says he will drag Wyatt into the swamp and let the alligators finish him. Strowman asks Wyatt if he wants to go to his home, his place of creation. Strowman is ready to make it the site of his destruction. Once again, he says to Bray "Let's go home," and we have the Wyatt Family version of Strowman.

braun strowman 1

In the end, we hear Wyatt's laughs, and then Strowman laughs too, and this smacks of another cinematic fight between Wyatt and Strowman.

► 3- King Corbin vs. Jeff Hardy

And it was time for the stellar event, and at the bell, Corbin took the initiative and sent Hardy to the canvas with a tackle.

Corbin dominates and mocks the applauding audience. Then, he punishes him on the ropes despite the referee's warning.

Hardy recovers and sends Corbin out of the ring. He picks up momentum to continue his attack, but is punished by Corbin outside. Eventually, Hardy resists an attempt by Corbin and manages to send the King against the bulletin board.

hardy 2

In the ring, Hardy connects the Whisper in the Wind, but is immediately dispatched against the cornerback and out courtesy of Corbin. As he mocks the gestures of The Undertaker In the center of the ring, we go to the commercial court.

And when we return, we see the technicians supporting Jeff Hardy at the edge of the ring. And in case you were wondering, Matt Riddle is in the group. In the ring, Corbin's right hand on Hardy and manages to cover for two seconds.

Corbin pulls Hardy out of the ring, and after a brief confrontation with Strowman, he crashes Hardy against the plexiglas. Then he returns it to the ring and achieves another count of two.

Hardy emerges from the siege with a jawbreaker. Then, with a legdrop and a dropkick, Hardy achieves a count of two over Corbin.

hardy 3

Hardy continues his offensive, picks up momentum, but is greeted by a Corbin Deep Six, who gets another two count.

hardy 4

Corbin looks frustrated and seeks to punish Hardy outside the ring, but he ducks and Corbin crashes into the metal stairs. Hardy returns Corbin to the ring and with a Swanton Bomb he achieves a count of three and victory

WWE SMACKDOWN (June 26, 2020) | Live results | Tribute to the Undertaker 9

Jeff Hardy is the winner in a good fight, a technical classic against rough. And those at the edge of the ring also celebrate.

However, Corbin attacks Hardy from behind and hits him on the mat.

big E 2

Kofi Kingston appears to the rescue, but without success. Then Big arrives and with the Big Ending neutralizes Corbin. Strowman enters the ring at the request of the tag team champions and applies Running Powerslam.

Finally they invite Matt Riddle who to the chants of "Bro, Bro, Bro" throws himself with a Floating Bro and finishes Corbin off.

riddle 17

Strowman, New Day and Riddle celebrate with Hardy, who does the classic pose of The Undertaker as a sign of respect for his enormous legacy.

This ends this SmackDown broadcast. Thank you very much for joining us. We wait for you on Monday for another coverage of Monday Night Raw