WWE RAW (June 29, 2020) | Live results | Contract signing for Extreme Rules

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RAW JUNE 29, 2020 .— Another month is about to end and we enter the second half of the year. In July, the PPV of WWE es Extreme Rules: The Horror Show, and in it two titular fights are confirmed: Drew McIntyre will defend the WWE Championship against Dolph zigglerWhile Asuka will defend the Raw Women's Championship against Sasha Banks. And tonight we will have the signing of contracts for both meetings. That and more we will see on Monday Night Raw from the facilities of the Performance centerin Orlando, Florida.

Raw June 26, 2020

And of course, Randy Orton It also has plans for the PPV. Big Show He is on the prowl, and perhaps his rivalry may advance a little today.

In addition, WWE anticipates that Seth Rollins He intends to continue his reign of terror. Last week he almost left Dominik Mysterio like his father. Will he get away with it?

Raw June 29, 2020

► Signing of contracts

Samoa Joe is the host and we will have the double signing of contracts to kick off the show tonight with the contenders for the WWE Championship and the Raw Women's Championship.

WWE RAW (June 29, 2020) | Live results | Contract signing for Extreme Rules 1

Women cannot expect that they will immediately go physical and have to be separated.

With all four contenders seated, Dolph Ziggler reminds McIntyre that thanks to him, the Scotsman is the champion, who has been in the company for fifteen years and has made many sacrifices. He says that Ziggler will finish his 19 years of redemption in one night. Then he reminds him that he created McIntyre and that in Extreme Rules: The Horror Show, he will destroy him. The Show off signs the contract.

McIntyre signs the contract and takes the microphone and says he will destroy and butcher Ziggler, but to be a little "fair," he allows Ziggler to select a stipulation.

WWE RAW (June 29, 2020) | Live results | Contract signing for Extreme Rules 2

Before Ziggler says anything, Asuka interrupts and after a few things in Japanese, signs the contract. Sasha Banks tells him that it is not the same one he faced in the past and that this time it will be "Sasha two straps" and that together with Bayley they will dominate the company.

WWE RAW (June 29, 2020) | Live results | Contract signing for Extreme Rules 3

Asuka heard enough and lunges at Sasha Banks. Ziggler seeks to do the same and McIntyre blocks a kick. The WWE Champion attempts a kick, but Ziggler escapes. The champions remain standing in the ring.

WWE RAW (June 29, 2020) | Live results | Contract signing for Extreme Rules 4

Now we have Big Show in the ring, and invite Randy Orton to the ring. However, Andrade is the one who appears, along with Angel Garza and Zelina Vega.

Show apologizes to Andrade and Garza for interrupting their interview, but says he is not in the mood. Both taunt the giant and he says they will teach him what they are capable of and surround him. But before they do anything else, Woooo. Ric Flair appears.

WWE RAW (June 29, 2020) | Live results | Contract signing for Extreme Rules 5

Flair says she respects Andrade, Garza, and Zelina, but says she had to show up to speak a few words to him for Big Show. Flair scoffs at the giant for doing cartoons on Netflix and says Orton will return when he feels he should, but when he does it will show him why he is the Legendary Killer. Then the 16-time world champion tells Andrade and Garza to attack Big Show.

WWE RAW (June 29, 2020) | Live results | Contract signing for Extreme Rules 6

The Viking Raiders appear before the Mexicans attacked the giant.

WWE RAW (June 29, 2020) | Live results | Contract signing for Extreme Rules 7

► 1- The Viking Raiders vs. Andrade and Angel Garza

Garza and Eric initiate the action. Relay for Ivar and Eric dismisses the Mexican with a kick, before Ivar covers for two seconds.

With Quick Relay, the Vikings dominate Garza and corner him against his corner. Then, they achieve two-second accounts on the Monterrey region.

Andrade finally enters and while Eric was distracted by Garza, Andrade attacks him from behind. Garza connects a superkick and Andrade covers for two seconds

1 heron

The rough guys dominate Eric, but he hits a right hand and sends Garza into his corner. Andrade attacks Eric and sends him to the canvas with a kick. However, Andrade seems to be angry with Garza because he did not give him the relay and leaves the ring. Zelina Vega, who was in comments, momentarily leaves the table to seek to bring order to the situation.

WWE RAW (June 29, 2020) | Live results | Contract signing for Extreme Rules 8

Upon returning from the commercial, Andrade and Eric are in action, after the former decided to return. Then, relay for Ivar and Andrade runs to his corner so that between Garza and the Viking he throws himself on the iron on the Mexican.

2 heron

The Vikings combine very well and achieve a double powerbomb over Andrade and Garza. Then, they take Andrade and look for the Viking Experience on Andrade, but this is released.

Heron enters and matches the loads. Eric takes Garza out of the ring and Andrade does the same with Eric. However, she is stopped by the referee while looking to attack him outside. In the distraction, Garza crashes Eric against the post and returns him to the ring.

In the ring, Andrade can not with Eric and Garza steals the relay, to the surprise of Andrade. Garza connects the Wing Clipper over Eric. Andrade neutralizes Ivar and the referee counts to three.

3 heron

Andrade and Angel Garza are the winners in a good match. However, it was not without problems for Mexicans, giving a setback from what we saw a week ago. In fact, Andrade did not celebrate with his partner and leaves the ring.

Behind the scenes, The IIconics board Ruby Riott and tease her for not having no friends. Then he tells her that she and Liv Morgan are losers. Riott tells them that they squandered their starting opportunity and challenges one of them to face off against her, while the other picks up any remaining "waste". They accept and give their classic cry of "IIconics"

WWE RAW (June 29, 2020) | Live results | Contract signing for Extreme Rules 9

Andrade, Garza and Zelina Vega argue behind the scenes and Ric Flair appears, congratulating them on their victory and inviting them to talk.

► 2- 24/7 Championship: Akira Tozawa vs. R-Truth

As the bell rings, Tozawa quickly scores a count of two with a vine over Truth. Then he sends Tozawa out of the ring.

Tozawa returns and Truth jumps on him and seems to hurt his knee and tells Tozawa to stop. In distraction, Truth creeps over Tozawa and counts three.

tozawa 1

R-Truth is the winner in a short match and the NEW Champion 24/7. It is reign number 37.

WWE RAW (June 29, 2020) | Live results | Contract signing for Extreme Rules 10

He doesn't have much time to party, as a ninja tried to cover him up, but only for two seconds. Finally, R-Truth runs away with her title.

Behind the scenes, Seth Rollins tells Murphy that he now has an important message to deliver before it's too late.

WWE RAW (June 29, 2020) | Live results | Contract signing for Extreme Rules 11

And Monday Night Messiah makes his appearance in the ring, alongside Murphy. Rollins is holding Rey Mysterio's mask.

WWE RAW (June 29, 2020) | Live results | Contract signing for Extreme Rules 12

After reviewing the latest events between Rollins and Mysterio, and while the audience boos and say "you suck", Monday Night Messiah refers to the return of Rey Mysterio last week and takes his words, referring to "nothing can stop my back from the ring. " However, Rollins tells him that Mysterio hasn't clearly seen things lately.

Rollins reminds him that Mysterio's "duty" is to be a sacrifice for a greater good on Monday Night Raw, but that he preferred to challenge him. However, now he asks for forgiveness, but not for what he has done in the past, but for what he will do to him in the future. He says he'll rip it off piece by piece until there's nothing left.

Mysterio appears with his son Dominik on the giant screen and he apologizes to his son for what he will do to Seth Rollins. He tells her how much he loves his son, and then reminds Rollins that he will apply "an eye for an eye."

WWE RAW (June 29, 2020) | Live results | Contract signing for Extreme Rules 13

Dominik also tells him that what his father will do to him is a matter of fate. Rollins tells Dominik that she has learned well from her father, except for one thing: Be careful what you wish for.

Rollins concludes by warning Dominik Mysterio that if he gets involved, he will end his career before it begins. Aleister Black and Humberto Carrillo appear and the rude guys leave the ring.

Upon returning from the commercial, Rollins tells Carrillo that his idol Rey Mysterio is a coward, a fraud. Carrillo tells him that he is the least suitable to talk about Rey Mysterio. Black says he will put him through torture. And we have the fight between both couples.

WWE RAW (June 29, 2020) | Live results | Contract signing for Extreme Rules 14

► 3- Seth Rollins and Murphy vs. Aleister Black and Humberto Carrillo

Black and Murphy initiate the action and the first is sent out of the ring. Rollins takes over and punishes the Dutchman outside the ring with several kicks.

rollins 1

Black is overpowered by Murphy with a padlock; however, it is released. Relay for Carrillo who attacks Rollins with a series of kicks on Murphy. Rollins interferes and Carrillo is distracted and is surprised by Murphy; however, Carrillo kicks in on the Monday Night Messiah disciple

cheek 1

Carrillo was looking for the 619 over Murphy, but Rollins takes him out of the ring. Rollins looks to enter and is greeted with a kick. Then, Carrillo is thrown on a plate on the rough and we go to the commercial court.

cheek 2

Upon returning from the commercial, Rollins dominated Carrillo, but Carrillo breaks free with a kick and reaches his corner. Relay for Black that accounts for the rude. Send Rollins out of the ring.

Black was looking for the Black Mass on Murphy, but this one surprises with a vine for a count of two. Carrillo takes over, and Black kicks in on Murphy. The Mexican ends it with a 619 and a count of two that Rollins interrupts.

cheek 3

Carrillo and Murphy are on the corner, and the Mexican was looking for the Superplex; however, Murphy reverses the situation with and charges Carrillo. Rollins kicks in from the third string and makes another count of two.

rolllins 2

Black pulls Murphy out of the ring and they get the fight out. Carrillo surprises Rollins with a vine and achieves a count of two. When they both rejoin, Rollins connects the Stomp and achieves the count of three.

Seth Rollins and Murphy are the winners in a good match; however, they don't have much time to celebrate as Aleister Black launches himself against Rollins; although Murphy arrives to help him and the rude ones dominate Black.

rollins 3

After getting rid of Black, Rollins instructs Murphy to lead Carrillo against the metal stairs, but the Mexican manages to fight him. Murphy grabs the metal ladder and hits Carrillo's head.

rollins 4

Now, Rollins puts Carrillo's Mysterio mask and seeks to hurt his eye. Aleister Black appears to the salve, and goes after Murphy. Rollins with the stomp against Carrillo leaves him lying on the metal and leaves.

rollins 5

Black checks on Carrillo, who is still lying on the metal ladder.

WWE RAW (June 29, 2020) | Live results | Contract signing for Extreme Rules 15

Behind the scenes, Asuka and Drew McIntyre are interviewed. After Asuka delighted us with her Japanese, McIntyre says that they are both going to have fun. Drew says Sasha Banks is not ready for Asuka, while Asuka says Dolph Ziggler is not ready for McIntyre.

WWE RAW (June 29, 2020) | Live results | Contract signing for Extreme Rules 16

And we have another tribute to the illustrious career of The Undertaker.

Lana and Ruby Riott are behind the scenes, and the former sympathizes with Riott, although she doesn't believe him. Later, Lana says the women's division needs a leader like Natalya, who has more wins than WWE Hall of Fame member Lita. Then she leaves as Ruby Riott prepares for their next meeting.

WWE RAW (June 29, 2020) | Live results | Contract signing for Extreme Rules 17

► 4- Ruby Riott vs. Peyton royce

Billie Kay distracts Riott, and Peyton Royce surprises her with a kick. Then, make a count of two on the green-haired one.

Peyton Royce continues to dominate Riott and achieves a lever to the arm; however, Riott sought to free himself with several nudges. Royce gets a suplex and another two count.

Riott finally recovers, and after connecting a couple of kicks, he gets an STO and scores two on Royce.


Billie Kay again distracts Riott, and Peyton Royce gets a kick, an enzuigiri and a Swinging Neckbreaker and achieves the final count of three.

riott 2

Peyton Royce is the winner in a regular fight. Ruby Riott joins her former teammate Liv Morgan in not being able to hit the ground running for wins. IIconics celebrate.

WWE RAW (June 29, 2020) | Live results | Contract signing for Extreme Rules 18

Big Show is interviewed and after referring to Ric Flair as the "dirtiest player in the business," who is now mentoring Randy Orton, and tells him to appear in the ring to see why he is The Big Show.

As for Andrade and Garza, Show says they picked the worst time to smash into a raging giant.

► 5- Fight at a disadvantage: Andrade and Ángel Garza vs. The Big Show

Andrade and Garza do not agree on who will start against the giant. However, Garza is "forced" to start and receives a machete. Then Garza is overpowered.

Andrade does not want to know about the matter, although he eventually receives relief from Garza and is forced to enter. Although Andrade sought to punish the giant's arm, he looks dominant and sends Andrade to the mat. Then he steps on it.

big show 1

Andrade continues to be dominated, but eventually reaches his corner and relinquishes Garza, who receives more of the same; however, he finds an opening and punishes the giant with a trip and a series of kicks.

Andrade takes advantage and steals the relay. Garza does not look very happy with the idea and complains to his partner and leaves, despite the fact that Zelina Vega tried to convince him. Andrade, distracted, receives a Chokeslam and the giant scores the victory.

andrade 1

Big Show is the winner in a short fight and it is his first individual victory in a long time. Andrade and Garza appear to be separating and the former United States Champion is topped off with a KO Punch.

WWE RAW (June 29, 2020) | Live results | Contract signing for Extreme Rules 19

MVP with Bobby Lashley are in the ring talking about the WWE Champion of the United States, Apollo Crews, and how MVP has helped Lashley harness his unlimited potential. Crews appears. He denies the lack of respect towards MVP.

MVP says Crews didn't want him as their manager, but now he'll find out that he really didn't want him as an enemy. MVP tells the referee to ring the bell.

WWE RAW (June 29, 2020) | Live results | Contract signing for Extreme Rules 20

► 6- MVP vs. Apollo Crews

The bell rings and MVP taunts Crews. Crews misses a dropkick and MVP misses a kick. They tangle and the crew mounts offensively, nailing a dropkick. MVP is pressed and dropped to the mat. Lashley drives the MVP to safety while the crowd boo. The crew jumps up and carries Lashley to the side of the ring. MVP grabs Crews and throws him to the barrier when we go to the commercial.

Back from the commercial break, MVP has control in the middle of the ring, and with a Big Boot sends him to the mat. MVP remains in control and achieves a count of 2. MVP misses a big corner kick when Crews moves out of the way. Crews connects multiple left and right hands as the public supports him.

WWE RAW (June 29, 2020) | Live results | Contract signing for Extreme Rules 21

Then, he achieves a Spinebuster and scores a count of two, while Lashley watches. Not content with that, Crews goes to the top of the corner, but Lashley distracts him, allowing MVP to knock him down. MVP with another Big Boot in the corner. MVP settles with a Fisherman suplex and achieves the count of three.

WWE RAW (June 29, 2020) | Live results | Contract signing for Extreme Rules 22

MVP is the winner in a regular match, where his experience weighed. What will Apollo Crews do? Will they face each other for the United States Championship?

In the end, Lashley seeks to apply the Full Nelson on Apollo, but Ricochet and Cedric Alexander appear to the rescue, but they cannot with the All Mighty. We are going to commercials and we will have a new fight.

WWE RAW (June 29, 2020) | Live results | Contract signing for Extreme Rules 23

► 7- Bobby Lashley vs. Ricochet

MVP and Cedric Alexander are on the edge of the ring, not Apollo. Ricochet is the one who takes the initial offensive.

WWE RAW (June 29, 2020) | Live results | Contract signing for Extreme Rules 24

Ricochet blocks a suplex and kicks Lashley on the edge of the ring. Lashley responds by dropping Ricochet with an elbow. Lashley recovers and connects a suplex and covers for a count of 2. Lashley tosses Ricochet onto the bulletin board.

MVP places Ricochet on the bulletin board while Cedric is distracted by the referee. Lashley comes out and throws Ricochet against the barrier. Lashley brings him back to the ring, but Ricochet defends himself now. Lashley catches him in a big inverted Powerslam, but Ricochet gets up after two seconds.

Lashley continues to dominate Ricochet. Ricochet is sent outside and Cedric tries to help him, but the referee warns him. Lashley follows him and throws Ricochet on the ground now. Lashley lifts Ricochet on his shoulders and throws him toward the pole with force. Lashley breaks the count off and brings Ricochet back.

WWE RAW (June 29, 2020) | Live results | Contract signing for Extreme Rules 25

Lashley returns to the ring and prepares the Spear. Ricochet stands up and dodges the Spear. Ricochet gets up slowly as Lashley stalks him. Ricochet blocks Full Nelson. They get tangled up and Ricochet sends Lashley to the floor.

Lashley seeks to attack Ricohet outside the ring, but he pushes him towards the post. MVP helps Lashley beat the count of 10. Ricochet hits him with a Moonsault for another count of two. Ricochet goes to the corner. MVP distracts him, but Cedric takes over MVP.

Lashley and Ricochet manage a brief exchange, but Ricochet connects an enzyme and a superkick that knocks down Lashley. However, Lashley recovers and after stalking Ricochet and applies the Full Nelson while Ricochet surrenders.

WWE RAW (June 29, 2020) | Live results | Contract signing for Extreme Rules 26

Bobby Lashley is the winner in a good match. The All Mighty looked dominant, although it was not a total beating, since Ricochet had some offense.

Not content with his victory, Lashley attacks Full Nelson with Cedric Alexander, who had gone to help Ricochet.

lashley 2

Behind the scenes, Dolph Ziggler seeks to harangue Sasha Banks, but Sasha and Bayley remind her that they have mastered SmackDown and tell Ziggler that they had better not be ruined.

WWE RAW (June 29, 2020) | Live results | Contract signing for Extreme Rules 27

► 8- Drew McIntyre and Asuka vs. Dolph Ziggler and Sasha Banks

Bayley is at the commentator table and says that she is the best commentator on SmackDown and that she is happy to accompany them at the table. In the ring, the men initiate the action and Ziggler seeks to shoot down the champion with agility. Ziggler eventually knocks McIntyre down with the Fame Ass er, but cannot cover the Champion.

Now women are in action. Asuka goes through the Asuka lock on Sasha and she looks to go to her corner. Ziggler goes in without receiving the relay and McIntyre counteracts it with a Glasgow Kiss and Ziggler leaves the ring. Asuka connects a hip bump and an elbow on Sasha and she rolls out as well.

asuka 1

Returning from the commercial break, Ziggler's Sleepy McIntyre breaks free with ease. Ziggler manages to get rid of the Scottish domain with a great DDT.

ziggler 1

Relay for women and Asuka get a count of two over Sasha. Then, the champion gets a Shining Wizard and a hip hit on Sasha sending her out of the ring; However, Bayley distracts Asuka and Sasha takes the opportunity to send her face-first against the edge of the ring.

Sasha Banks is the one who dominates now after the attack occurred outside the ring. Achieve a count of two after applying a Suplex. Then, continue the punishment on the Champion in one of the corners and connect a double knee and get another count of two

sasha 1

Now the men take over and with a pair of suplexes he manages to send Ziggler to the canvas. The challenger does not react and is thrown into his corner.

Sasha Banks steals the relay and claims McIntyre, who sends Ziggler out of the ring. Sasha continues to claim him and Ziggler fails to seize the opportunity as he receives a right hand from the Scot. Asuka appears behind Sasha and kicks him in and covers for two seconds.

asuka 12

After a brief exchange, Sasha Banks applies the Bank Statement, but Asuka breaks free and the champion goes after the Asuka lock, which Sasha reverses with a vine and the referee counts to three.

sasha 2

Sasha Banks and Dolph Ziggler were the winners in a decent meeting and the rude ones are the ones that now celebrate. Sasha Banks, like her partner Bayley, look intractable, and together with Ziggler, they celebrate. Asuka, she laments.

WWE RAW (June 29, 2020) | Live results | Contract signing for Extreme Rules 28

Thus ends this issue of Raw. Thank you very much for joining us. We wait for you on Wednesday for another NXT coverage