WWE RAW (June 22, 2020) | Live results | Championship Edition

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RAW JUNE 22, 2020 .— A championship edition is the one WWE have us reserved for this Monday Night Raw. Almost all titles will be up for grabsSo the chances of us seeing at least one new champion tonight are high. The action of Raw is issued from the facilities of the Performance centerin Orlando, Florida.

WWE Raw June 22, 2020

The struggles we will see are:

In addition, Edge will talk about his future, Mistery King will come back and Ric Flair will present Randy Orton as the best fighter of all time.

Raw June 22, 2020

Drew McIntyre makes his appearance in the ring to welcome us tonight. And he begins by saying that this is a night is a championship edition and reminds us of what happened a week ago, but now he wants to look into the future, but Dolph Ziggler makes his appearance on Raw.

Ziggler tells McIntyre and explains that he and Robert Rodde are both on Raw as a result of AJ Styles' transfer to SmackDown.

Ziggler goes straight to the point and reminds McIntyre that he is living a story of redemption, having been defeated, but that thanks to him, he was able to return and be a dominant guy in WWE, and that they were both dominant champions on Raw. So Ziggler tells him he just wants something "simple": a starting opportunity for the WWE Championship at Extreme Rules.

McIntyre taunts Ziggler's and Roode's 2-for-1 transfer. McIntyre mocks Ziggler and tells him that while they have shared many stories, he does not know what the "Scottish Psychopath" is capable of. After pondering it, McIntyre says that "it is official" and accepts Ziggler's challenge.

Nia Jax appears and with a chair in hand, enters the ring and sits in the middle.

Nia Jax refers to Charlotte getting a starting opportunity out of nowhere, and then complains about the way she lost both of her opportunities against Asuka.

R-Truth appears out of nowhere. Then, she tells Nia Jax that she is confused and that he has a fight against "ninja leader" Akira Tozawa, unless Jax is the "true Akira Tozawa".


Jax gets upset and Truth asks who he is, and Tozawa appears and a group of ninjas go after Truth and he escapes.

Jax takes the microphone again and Charlotte Flair appears, and asks him what is wrong, after missing two starting opportunities, he still dares to claim something.

Jax tells her that she has built her legacy the easy way, thanks to her father, but that she has been dominated by her, and if anyone is going to take the crown, it will be Nia Jax. Charlotte can't take it anymore and they go to the blows, until referees arrive to separate them.

charlotte 1

Behind the scenes, The Street Profits and The Viking Raiders, who still behave like friends and call themselves Viking Profits. However, Angelo Dawkins and Ivar issue their respective warnings to their rivals, saying that the friendship will end in the ring.

► 1- Raw Tag Team Championship: The Street Profits vs. The Viking Raiders

Dawkins and Ivar initiate the action, and the Viking sends his rival against the corner. Eric takes over and with one big blow continues the punishment and achieves a count of two.

Ford is now the one who enters for the champions and with a dropkick, he takes Eric out of the ring. Then, Ford wanted to launch butt, but Eric receives it and throws it against his partner and celebrates with Ivar.

viking 11


Upon returning from the commercial, Ivar manages to punish Ford. Relay for Eric, who seeks to combine with his partner, but this fails an onslaught, as Ford dodges.

Relay for Dawkins, who punishes Eric and then relinquishes the relay to apply the Viking Experience and score two on Eric. Ivar interrupts coverage.

ford 1

Now it is the Vikings' turn, and after Dawkins is sent to the canvas, Ivar was looking to steal a page from the champions and he launches, but fails.

ford 2

Ivar is on the canvas, Eric was looking to interfere, but Dawkins applies a spear to it. Montez Ford launches with Frog Splash and achieves a count of three over Ivar.

ford 3

The Street Profits are the victors in a short, but entertaining encounter. They have finally concluded their rivalry and did so in a friendly way. The four make their Viking Profits signal in the ring.


However, after the losers leave, Andrade and Ángel Garza appear out of nowhere and attack the champions, and it seems they want their championships.

andrade and heron 1

Behind the scenes, Seth Rollins, who is with his disciples, has a message for Rey Mysterio, who will give it after the commercial break.

Rollins speaks, and says that he did not choose to be the Monday Night Messiah, just as Mysterio did not choose to be a sacrifice. However, Mysterio must understand that sacrifice is for a better good and should not be challenged. Rollins says that whatever happens to him and his son will be his fault. Highlight that the common good will come and that there is nothing that King can do about it.

Charlotte Flair is interviewed and looks sore; however, she says it is fine for her scheduled fight against Asuka.

Seconds later, Andrade, Garza, and Zelina Vega are interviewed, and after Garza flirts with Charly Caruso, Zelina says that her clients are one force now and that they will take what they deserve, gold.

► 2- Raw Tag Team Championship: Asuka vs. Charlotte Flair

At the beginning of the actions, Asuka is cornered by the challenger and attacked with several kicks. Asuka recovers and looks for a hip, but fails and gets caught on the ropes.

Now the action takes place outside the ring, and Asuka takes control and kicks Charlotte. However, when she picks up momentum for a second, Charlotte dodges and Asuka falls to the ground.


asuka 21

Charlotte Flair returns her to the ring and achieves a count of two. The challenger goes for a moonsault, but fails. Asuka takes advantage of the situation, but also fails, and receives a chipper and then thrown at the corner.

asuka 22

Returning from the commercial, Nia Jax is watching the action behind the scenes, while in the ring, Flair connects a Big Boot that sends Asuka to the mat.

Asuka manages to apply the Asuka lock and Charlotte seeks to reverse and reaches the ropes. Moments later, they both rejoin, and Asuka connects one Spear and achieves a count of two.

asuka 23

Asuka goes by a lever to the arm, Charlotte reverses it with a powerbomb; however, when making the cover, Asuka reverses the situation and manages to apply the Asuka Lock. Seconds later, Charlotte gives no more and gives up.

asuka 24

Asuka is the winner in a good fight, perhaps conditioned by Charlotte's injured arm. Another successful defense of the Empress of Tomorrow.


Meanwhile, Nia Jax is interviewed and warns Charlotte Flair that she had better cover her back.

After reviewing what happened in Backlash and last Monday with Christian, we have Edge speaking, and after admitting his defeat and says that in that fight he reached the limit and felt panic, but he continued fighting, still resisting an RKO. Then, he refers to what happened last Monday when Orton referred to himself as the best fighter in history.

Edge says that the struggle cost him the fact that he was unable to carry his daughter during Father's Day, due to the arm injury that caused him. Edge says that he is disappointed, he should have defeated him and he could not and about the low blow he received, he regrets not having connected it before.

Edge says he is no longer interested in the fight, but just wants to embarrass him, and that he will now mess with his family.

Immediately, Randy Orton is interviewed and he asks his interviewer "What do snakes do?", He says that like all vipers, he waits for the right moment to attack, and that he did what he had to do to survive. That Edge and Christian wanted to return at their expense. Then he wishes both of them a speedy recovery.


Then she leaves telling her interviewer that she has issues to discuss with the Nature Boy.

Behind the scenes, Charlotte Flair is interviewed about her recent fight, but Nia Jax attacks her from behind and punishes her arm again, leaving her lying down.

► 3- 24/7 Championship: R-Truth vs. Akira Tozawa

Bobby Lashley and MVP appear and take care of the ninjas. Then they surround Truth and with a Full Nelson, Lashley leaves Truth lying on the mat and leaves.

lashley 21

Akira Tozawa, who was hidden, enters the ring and the referee counts to three.

tozawa 2

Akira Tozawa is the new Champion 24/7.


► 4- Natalya vs. Liv morgan

Lana is at ringside. Natalya takes the initiative and with a large bow around her neck, achieves a two count on Morgan.

Natalya puts great pressure on Morgan, but it reaches the ropes and breaks free and is on the edge of the ring. Natalya sends her outside and the Canadian also leaves.

Outside, Liv Morgan sends Natalya face-first on the floor and the audience gets a small ovation. Then put the Canadian into the ring.

Upon returning, Liv Morgan is distracted by Lana, but enters anyway. Natalya tripping it sends her to the canvas. Then, settle the lawsuit with a Sharpshooter.

natalya 2

Natalya is the winner in a short fight, while Liv Morgan is in the doldrums, being one of those affected - surely - by the departure of Paul Heyman.

Lana and Natalya merge into a hug and they both celebrate.

Big Show is interviewed, and after joking about having confronted several ninjas last week and after promoting his series on Netflix, he says that today he is not kidding and that he is going to get revenge on behalf of his friends. He says they will see an angry giant today.


Ric Flair is in the ring and introduces the "greatest fighter of all time," Randy Orton, who took over Edge and Christian in 24 hours, both with one kick. The audience boo.

Orton appears, and in front of Orton, highlights that he is the best fighter in history. Orton thanks him and says he is honored, and says that after taking over Christian and Edge, noting that this is the last time we see Edge in a ring, he has felt that fire again, the fire that has made him become in the "Legend Killer"

Big Show appears and, very angry says: "enough". He then says that he will not allow them both to glorify what Orton did and that Orton has been a parasite from day one. Show says they both know Edge is not finished and will come back for him and break every bone in his body.

Orton tells Show that he is a legend and a future member of the WWE Hall of Fame and Big Show is already fed up with the situation; however, before there is contact, Orton leaves the ring and tells the giant that what happens next will be his account, and he leaves with Ric Flair.

► 5- WWE Women's Tag Team Championship: Bayley and Sasha Banks vs. The IIconics

Will the challengers repeat the history of WrestleMania 35?

After discussing the champions, Sasha Banks is the one who remains (against her will) and receives a Big boot from Billie Kay and she achieves a count of two.

Sasha reaches her corner and Baley takes over, and continues the punishment against Billie Kay, however this ogra recover and manages to land a knee in the face of the double champion and we go to the commercial break.


Upon returning, Kay punishes Bayley still and relinquishes her partner, who achieves a count of two that Sasha Banks interrupts.

Bayley takes control over Peyton Royce and hands over to Sasha, who receives her with a kick. Then, the champions combine and send Royce against the canvas and he achieves a count of two.

bayley 11

Bayley yells at the referee, while Sasha goes after the three friends. Royce blocks the third and uses Banks to send Bayley outside.

The IIconics sought to make him numerical superiority against Sasha Banks, but this manages to get Billie Kay out of the ring and reverses the situation against Peyton Royce with a Bank Statement and the latter surrenders.

bayley 12

Sasha Banks and Bayley are the victors in a short fight. There is no one to stop them at the moment.

The champions, microphone in hand, stay and Bayley says they are both too good. Sasha says that she is jealous of her friend because she has two titles and that she wants a title fight and stares at her friend. Bayley looks scared.

Sasha says she wants a starting fight at Extreme Rules against .... Asuka for the Raw Women's Championship. And the Japanese appears.


After a few things in Japanese, Asuka agrees,

Bayley and Sasha Banks immediately attack her and Sasha Banks is left standing.

asuka 25

Bobby Lashley and MVP are interviewed and ask Lashley if the attack on Truth means any kind of message. Lashley blames Truth for not being champion last week and says this is how they hurt. MVP refers to Apollo as a cheat because of the way he won last week and that he can help him be a better champion. They both leave.

Behind the scenes, Ruby Riott tries to get close to Liv Morgan, but she does not want to know anything and regrets what she has suffered in the last weeks and leaves.

Now MVP welcomes us in the VIP Lounge and welcomes us who he lists as his "new customer", Apollo Crews.

MVP takes what Apollo said last week and tells him that he won tricks last week, despite being a struggling champion. MVP tells him that that title is a ticket to fame and fortune.

Apollo says he has won that championship and appreciates his offer, but his answer remains "No".

MVP continues to offer him his services, but Apollo is a little suspicious and tells him that maybe Lashley or the same MVP wants to take the championship from him, MVP replies that he has been champion for 343 days and that his reign has been historic. Shelton Benjamin appears and confronts him.

MVP distracts Apollo and Benjamin attacks him and crashes him against the post.

mvp 1

MVP tells him to give him a free lesson: "Never turn your back on a two-on-one situation." We are going to commercials and it seems that we will have a fight.

► 6- Apollo Crews vs. Shelton benjamin

At the start Benjamin is the one who takes the initiative. He achieves a count of two on a wounded Apollo, after kicking him.

Apollo recovers and with a Standing Moonsault he achieves a count of two. Upon rejoining, Apollo connects a tie over her reival and they both leave the ring.

benjamin 1

Back in the ring, Enzuigiri of Apollo over Benjamin, who finishes him off with the Sitdown Powerbomb and achieves the count of three.

Apollo Crews is the winner in a short match, and this time with no tricks, giving MVP a clear message. This fight was of a lower quality than last week.

Apollo Crews celebrates, but at the entrance ramp, he is surprised by Lashley and his Full Nelson.


► Rey Mysterio and Dominik confront Seth Rollins

Rey Mysterio and his son are in the ring and shows how his son has grown, and despite the fears he had a week ago, he tells him that he is proud of him for having circumvented a three-on-one situation like the one he went through.

However, he tells her that he worried his mom, and says that Seth Rollins tried to blind him, and he accepts it; However, she tells Dominik that she is still her son and that she will always be her child, no matter what happens. Then he says that just as Dominik fought for him, Rey will now fight for him and that he needs to do these things on his own.

Dominik says that he will not go anywhere and that as a family they will be united and that they will fight together.

Seth Rollins appears and says he will make Rey see how he sacrifices his son. Rollins says that everything is the work of prophecy and destiny and that both are in the same place and that two eyes are better than one.

Then, he kneels down and his disciples appear behind him, but Humberto Carrillo and Aleister Black also appear and attack them from behind. Mysterio and Dominik also join the action.

dominink 1

The good guys have the advantage and Mysterio and Dominik were looking to apply the same punishment to Rollins as Rollter did to Mysterio. Black seeks to prevent it, but ultimately, Murphy and Theory are the ones who save their mentor.

dominik 2

Now, after taking over Black and Carrillo, Rollins takes Mysterio and the disciples sought to punish Dominik, until Carrillo arrives armed with a chair, just as Black and the rude men retreat.

Thus ends this issue of Raw. Thank you very much for joining us. We wait for you on Wednesday for another NXT coverage