WrestleMania 36: John Cena vs Bray Wyatt ... WTF!

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Regrettable. Really unfortunate what we just saw in the expected "fight" of John Cena vs Bray Wyatt. Yes, there were already rumors that it was going to be a cinematic fight, under the creative vision of Wyatt, and we really looked forward to it improving what The Undertaker y AJ Styles they did on the first night of WrestleMania, but unfortunately it was not. It's more, next to this garbage, the blows that were thrown by the gravedigger and the phenomenal made that so-called fight turned into "pure 14-karat gold". There really are only two ways to describe what we saw on screen. The first, sorry for others. And the second, absolute sadness. Incredible, but for very bad, what we just witnessed.

John Cena vs Bray Wyatt ... WTF!
John Cena vs Bray Wyatt ... WTF!

► John Cena vs Bray Wyatt ... WTF!

It was expected that we would see a combat, where yes, special effects would be used to give Wyatt a certain advantage, as is most logical, However, what we saw was John Cena entering the WWE Performance CenterSo that The Fiend take over the broadcast and say that Cena was going to face his worst enemy: himself. And then, teleport Dinner to the Firefly Fun House. From there, We already sensed that something was wrong, but we wanted to give it a chance.

Great. Big mistake. It was 13 minutes. 13, that number that they associate so much with something bad. Is it a coincidence? Continuing with what we saw on screen, he went to Vince McMahon's puppet saying stupid things, and then to Wyatt imitating Kurt Angle in the pre-debut promo for Cena. Cena appreciated out of nowhere in his The Prototype outfit, and when he answered "Ruthless Aggression" and threw his punch, Wyatt ducked. 3 times. And then, it appeared from behind him.

WWE WRESTLEMANIA 36 (April 5, 2020) | Live results | The second night 66 John Cena vs Bray Wyatt ... WTF!
John Cena vs Bray Wyatt ... WTF!

Then the Saturday Night's Main Event intro was presented, which has nothing to do with the story of John Cena or Bray Wyatt. There, Wyatt imitates Macho Man Randy Savage and presents Cena as Johnny Largemeat, or "big piece of meat," you know what that means. Cena started doing weights, and then his arms stopped working.

WWE WRESTLEMANIA 36 (April 5, 2020) | Live results | The second night 67 John Cena vs Bray Wyatt ... WTF!
John Cena vs Bray Wyatt ... WTF!
WWE WRESTLEMANIA 36 (April 5, 2020) | Live results | The second night 68 John Cena vs Bray Wyatt ... WTF!
John Cena vs Bray Wyatt ... WTF!

Wyatt tossed it aside, and he appeared in his rapper outfit, the Dr of Thuganomics.. There they exchange empty phrases, Wyatt tells Cena that he is not a hero, but a bully, a bully and that Cena would do anything for fame. Cena is going to hit him on the corner, but Wyatt disappears and appears behind him with the dinner chain, and hits Cena with it.

WWE WRESTLEMANIA 36 (April 5, 2020) | Live results | The second night 69 John Cena vs Bray Wyatt ... WTF!
John Cena vs Bray Wyatt ... WTF!

We see the first Bray Wyatt in his rocking chair, in his house and the fight of 6 years ago between Wyatt and Cena is repeated. Then he tells Cena to run and they appear in the ring, where Wyatt kisses Cena on the forehead and Sister Abigail does not apply. Says that would not be enough, so take a chair and recreate that silletazo of years ago, but this time Wyatt disappears before impact.

WCW Monday Nitro and nWo intro appears, with Wyatt as Eric Bischoff and Cena walks in imitating the Hollywood Hulk Hogan and hits Wyatt as we watch clips of Cena's career. When we get back to the ring, Cena is hitting the Husky The Pig doll.

WWE WRESTLEMANIA 36 (April 5, 2020) | Live results | The second night 70

WWE WRESTLEMANIA 36 (April 5, 2020) | Live results | The second night 71

The Fiend appears behind Cena, who turns to receive a Sister Abigail and then, The Fiend "ends it" with his Mandible Craw and laughter is heard as The Fiend raises his arms.

WWE WRESTLEMANIA 36 (April 5, 2020) | Live results | The second night 72

WWE WRESTLEMANIA 36 (April 5, 2020) | Live results | The second night 73 John Cena vs Bray Wyatt ... WTF!
John Cena vs Bray Wyatt ... WTF!

The truth is that, taking advantage of the fact that they put Bischoff, WCW and nWo, the reality is that it seems that the spirit of Eric Bischoff seized Bray Wyatt in real life to come up with this horrifying thing. This has been the worst and worst trash that could have happened to our beloved wrestling from, maybe, the WCW Fingerpoke of Dome. They said that John Cena buried careers with his shovel. Well, this time he lent himself to someone else to bury his own career. That's right, already after this moment, It will be impossible for us to see The Fiend as a fearsome monster again. Now it's an act of comedy. Not to mention Bray Wyatt, who never really worked.

Now the question is: Was it Bray Wyatt's first failure in WWE, the fault of the creatives, himself and Vince McMahon as always said or his? We lean towards the second option, because he himself, despite the fact that Complained that WWE was trying to destroy its Superstars after losing to Goldberg at Super ShowDown 2020They gave him the unimaginable and only possibility that he would bring The Fiend back to life, against a respected rival and that would make fans interested in his combat. But it failed. And buried The Fiend forever. Bray Wyatt is Bray Wyatt's worst enemy. And even deserved it. Point.

As our Editor in Chief, Ernesto Ocampo, he pointed out, it is incredible that there are people who defend this crap, complete rubbish, and criticize the struggles that The Young Bucks y Will ospreay have given us. True fighting, just because they use so many aerial maneuvers in their arsenal. Well, at least they're not drugged like the ones who lent themselves to this slop. How sad! It makes you want to cry! Why Vince McMahon approved this? Why did it occur to Bray Wyatt that this would work to elevate The Fiend and his career?


To close, the general concept of WrestleMania 36 given by the journalist Dave Meltzer, to which we fully adhere:

"So far, the best shwo fight has been the Snickers commercial."

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  1. This and the bonyard match were the only redeemable features of the event. And they did very well. I remind myself that fighters are also seen as heores or villains. It was like watching a movie of the Saint and I loved it!

  2. The problem is not that they like what is presented or not, if you do not like it you can say it with an interpretive or opinion note, the problem is the lack of rigor and resources to do journalism. A specialized digital page or magazine can and should criticize, but based on presenting elements, explaining, comparing and detailing, dissecting and analyzing the pros and cons, and then explaining the reason for their assessment of a work or event. That is what is missing from this and other notes, some editors and the Editor-in-Chief, must go back to studying journalism (if any one ever studied it) and learn how it is written in such a medium. It is not only a matter of impartiality, nor that they should simply "inform", because they do not have to limit themselves to it, but it requires a rigor, a criterion, a structure of elements to present a criticism and then to present it in an interpretative note or of opinion and that is seen even in the language and here, as in many other evaluative notes (positive and negative), there is nothing of that, only a sum of qualifying adjectives and categorical affirmations are read that do not support beyond sentencing and this way it loses all seriousness to read them.

    PS: Whoever I want I give an explanation of what was seen in that "segment" and all the background and argument that it entails, as well as the implications and applications that it has, it is a creepypasta of those, but it can be fun and interesting .

  3. The only mistake was to advertise it as a fight between the two, if they had called it a confrontation, or confrontation, or whatever else, they would be writing about the artwork they made. It was not a fight. But as entertainment it was great. They did not learn to separate the two.

  4. I just finished watching the Fiend vs Cena and it seemed different to me, something out of the ordinary only come out for the character of The Fiend, it was fun, the idea was to enter Cena's head inside Wyatt's twisted mind, it's like an independent horror movie, but in wrestling, before the broken universe, there was underground fighting, and it had similar sequences, with gods and talismans and such, this is what is called storytelling, not wrestling, it is only indicated for some fighters like Wyatt , a supposedly twisted being that will take you to your limits psychologically, they are risking to make spots like this more to the television series since there are going to be several shows that they are going to do without public, and suddenly out of the PC by the state of Florida, try to continue stories in the best possible way, and this is one of those, the 1st was to go to the past at the beginning of Dinner, with Kurt Angle, and his 1st match that was a fiasco, 2nd about his physical appearance, that's why they were until the 80s ( SNM) back then they were all big and with huge physiques similar to Cena, 3rd the dr of thugnomics, the rapper who scoffed at everyone and made him look like a bully, then the Cena vs Wyatt, after that fight came eñ Wyatt down, WcW and Nwo represents the Cena turn that he never did and if he did hogan, in the end it is simple to understand but entertaining, more than the boneyard match, like the Pilman and Austin segment, Pilman was giving an interview about Austin and then Austin appears at his house, Pilman had a gun and threatened to kill him and the shot is heard, nothing to do with wrestling, but a trained segment, put it that way, if wrestling is false and predetermined fights, so I want to see 100 dives and 100 superkicks, it doesn't lead to anything, in the WCW fued of malenko vs Jericho malenko was known as the man of 1000 keys, Jericho what did he do? The man with the 1003 keys was called out pulling out a piece of paper naming all the keys he knew, did the blessed fight put him over? It was not his ingenuity, he says it himself, having 100 moves does not make you a star, but the story you tell and how you tell it, the rest occurs in the ring, in the inferno match of Taker and Kane, who saw the Inring, in the HIAC of Taker and Mankind, the TLC of edge / christian dudleyz and hardys, in the fights of sabu and sandman, in the fights of Nash and Hall, in those of Goldberg, in those of Austin and Rock, only It is the story that is told and as this story concludes, the same Ospreay is climbing to Heavyweight in Japan gaining more muscle mass and adapting his arsenal to be able to give a show worthy of a heavyweight, not just highspot, to be able to measure himself with the Ace Okada , the fight in Japan is very different from the gringa, as to the free fight, like the one in the united kingdom, get this man totally biased by God.

  5. It was rubbish, I do not understand people who defend it, and there is a lot of difference with what Broken Matt does or what Taker vs Styles did, that I still do not like that cinematographic perspective very much, but at least what you see there is fight, acted but you see, this not even that, they left both standing badly, a Hollywood star like Cena deserves that? It was to raise Wyatt's credibility again and this? I tell you how I would have done this, possibly a fight at the Firefly fun house, a disadvantaged fight, Cena vs Wyatt and The fiend, it came out at times one and at times another, but a street style fight like any other, if they wanted to play with the nostalgia, that's fine, but with a fight, I would have liked Cena to enter the door and then become the debuted Dinner, in that Huski Harris appears, they give a technical fight, and every time they entered a door, the gimnicks changed. , but giving a decent fight like Styles vs Taker, but we did not see that, an insult to these two.

  6. What you have to read ... we should leave it for another day to differentiate a combat from a cinematic segment, right? This is a real gem, just like the Taker vs AJ was the day before, although on different levels. It is pure and hard originality. A pity that people like this can write on this website, the truth.

  7. It is what I meant with a high level of hatred and wanting to shoot WWE, but well, I respect opinions in a way only that William Beltrán stopped being someone respectable, please, the fandom mostly wanted this segment and they liked it In short, it was not a fight, it was entertainment.
    This is not even close to the worst, there is no way to compare it with what you mention in your note William, you simply cannot, and saying that they adhere to what Meltzer says is a huge mistake, it shows nothing more than lack of own judgment, this is not Superfights, is Meltzer 2 dot com.
    In short, it was a great segment.

  8. It's funny how most of the 271 comments the note reached are about giving the author periodic reports on the opinion on this SEGMENT (I think the vast majority were clear that it was a segment, not a fight). And somehow the periodical extends to Ocampo's tweet.

    On the other hand, many specialized wrestling sites have given WM a positive overall result, and unlike other editions it will go down in history, and not just because of the situation, but because of how they handled the matter and managed to provide entertainment.

  9. Beltrán you have 0 idea of ​​what this combat has been. Dedicate yourself to narrating Olympic or Greco-Roman wrestling because you don't understand it.

  10. They seriously expected something good from a couple of bumps, which centennials say FIEND is the best wwe character in years! a cheap mask bundle that uses puppets!

  11. Hopefully the Fiend will never appear again in WWE. That character no longer makes sense, it will be another Psycho Clown but more paunchy and just as bulky

      • HAHAHA. Goldust was a nobody my son. Mankind was a lousy character, only when he won the WWE Championship, people stopped watching WCW because he was Mick Foley son MICK FOLEY.

        • Don't you understand the concept of entertainment?
          What they did is the same as Wyatt, no need to do circus stuff PENDEJO

        • goldust nobody ?, mankind character pessim bro bro well did not you hit when boy?

    • Using the term bulge already makes you see that the rat child is you, do you have something better?

  12. Politeness, does not remove the brave. Bucks' Power Ranger-style fights are bullshit, but so is this. POINT.

    Is it so difficult to accept when the company on duty shits it?

    • Johnny Boy, pull the blog to play fights, you write cool, your promos would be bad, do not be cucufato.

  13. I did not find it bad, it is a fierce criticism of AEW, which uses ancient strategies to captivate wwflovers and indylovers. I found it entertaining, surreal, and it seems to me that it does not bury the character, it gives it greater scope, by saying that it does not attack only the body, but the mind, strictly speaking it broke Cena ... it was good, not excellent, but it was good.

  14. William Beltrán, I would like to clarify, dear you, that when making any note, revision, thesis or other document, you should never make judgments of value. I hope this serves as a lesson, your opinion does not interest the rest, who expect impartial comments on this type of thing.

  15. I really do not understand why the hell I see comments from people who liked this crap from Cena vs Wyatt I do not know how old they will be I am 37 years old they will imagine since when I see WWF / WWE and this is undoubtedly the worst thing they have ever seen They defend it because they say it was not a fight but an entertaiment and honestly for me it was nothing entertaining my MOTHER is 72 years old and for quarantine reasons she was seeing that with me and she told me from time to time what time they were going to start fighting THIS WAS AN ABSOLUTE DISASTER THAT SAYS THAT WAS A BIG SEGMENT GOING TO CHECK YOUR HEAD.

    • We are almost the same age, we see WWF / WWE almost from the same age, however we have diametrically different opinions about this particular segment, this alone already disrupts its argument of age as a determining factor, in addition to being an empty argument and circular, a fallacy of poorly stated experience. Indeed this is more entertainment than fighting, it may or may not be entertaining, that is already the domain of personal opinion, but if you are going to present a criticism or a categorical affirmation, bring arguments and an analysis that supports them and that is not limited to their personal taste, because if not, it is a simple tantrum, like the note above. Now, aside, if you allow, with or without quarantine, your 72-year-old mother to watch this type of television program, with the contents and ideas that are still sold even in this «PG Era», perhaps, just perhaps, the one You need to check in with a psychologist who evaluates how your mind works and your mind is you.

  16. I did not see and entertained this mother and it was more for dinner ... the indietaker and the great chili haircut was better than this shit. And even if Matt had done what do you expect from wwe who writes everything for your aunt's buttocks? Atte: The destroyer of furros

  17. It is incredible that the first time I comment on this page, and they delete the comment hahahahaha, how mature they are

  18. After watching Vince dance in the 80s, this is arguably the biggest stupid thing WWE did.

  19. I loved the segment. All references to the history of wrestling, the entire journey to Cena's career, recognition of what Wyatt did with his previous character. The way they both 'acknowledge' mistakes from their past.

    I hope to see more of Cena, because he understands the business of the company he works for. Every time, Cena looks more lucid and even mature. Your withdrawal will be a great loss.

    BTW, great review of yours.

    • Haha they took the analysis away from me, I suppose it burned them that someone random gave more arguments than just throwing hate like the fat B.

  20. I will definitely see the Funhouse Match again. It was not a fight as such, it was rather something like a segment. One in which Bray destroyed Cena in its negative aspects (the few that it has).
    Yes, it was bizarre, but that was probably the purpose. After all, Bray is supposed to be deranged.
    There were many references, and I did not get to catch several, so I will have to see this again. Again, this was not a fight, but more than anything, entertainment, although very unusual.
    The funny thing is that Cena simply disappeared at the end, as if the Fiend had accomplished its mission. If they give continuity to that in the return of John (who knows when it will be), well, it will be the cherry on the cake.
    The format established with the Funhouse is something that I think would work with few rivals for Wyatt, and if they plan to do it a next time, I hope it will be with someone with whom they have history or develop a good feud; and that it is not for a championship, because of course, playing a title in a segment like this would not be appropriate in my opinion.

  21. It is incredible that they do not know how to distinguish between wrestling and sport entertainment. The Wyatt and Cena thing was in entertainment and, I see that affects them, when the Vuck are criticized it is because they abuse the spots and make wrestling lose credibility. Wyatt and Cena didn't FIGHT, I don't understand why they criticize 'the fight'. Ah, but if Broken Matt had done it, they would say it is something innovative.

      • I thought my opinion was clear, but I was wrong. I say that the Wyatt vs Cena thing WASN'T FIGHTING, IT WAS A SEGMENT OF SPORT ENTERTEINMENT, SPORTENTERTEINMEN T. A very well-built segment that within the context in which this WM was developed was one of the best.

    • As Huguito said: «If you are going to do Entertainment ... do a good Entertainment!» Period. There is no more to say. One for WrestleMania because they announce a fight like Cena vs The Fiend, not a SEGMENT of a MOVIE. Dammit

  22. The editor is completely wrong.
    First, because this cannot be classified as a fight, for which as a fight there is nothing to criticize, there was simply no wrestling, but as a segment it was a gem, the objective of all this WRESTLEMANIA was to entertain, it was said from the day 1 and I reiterate it Stephanie mcmahon, now entertained the segment? Yes, it was weird ?? Yes, but it turned out, when we saw the final deletion everyone loved it and it was just as bad and bizarre as this, and they loved it ... Now there is an inconsistency with similar but more crazy segments.

    For me all the narrative, the changes of scenery and cameras, the story as such was worthy, so much that many consider it to be the best of the night.

  23. Everyone, as here are the ones who curse people like Benoit, leaving aside issues such as the fight, the same applies to the concept of what Entertainment within the field of professional wrestling.

    If Matt Hardy saw this and gave his opinion, he would be the same one who rose to praise him, when the idea was to tell a story and leave a legacy. The legacy of Broken Matt Hardy and the Final / Ultimate Deletion is to give that kayfabe air that is no longer used and that makes people like Rollins, Owens, Lynch, Bayley, Drew and others, only be athletes but have nothing that the Compare with a Hogan, Dinner, Macho Man or Chyna and it is to create characters and stories that talk about you and for you.

    What Taker and AJ did yesterday, like what Cena and Wyatt did today, which is a tribute to the best of WWE and the American fight from the 80s to 2014 (Yes, 2014), when a lot of WWE had quality until 2016, reflects how to retake the golden age of the 80s with a Dinner and Wyatt parodying the big and muscular guys who by their body have opportunities, the Monday Night Wars with Wyatt as a Bischoff and Dinner as their Hollywood version of nWo, referencing what is now as a movie actor.

    His debut and as with him, the Ruthless Agression begins, picking up memories of Cena's past that ironically include CM Punk, something that is historical because they give him the importance of this in the history of Cena and WWE, in addition to remembering moments of the PG was with Husky Harris and the SuperCena that buried Nexus, causing Wyatt's fall, transforming him into the World Eater and his burial in WM 30.

    If this tribute and reference to Cena's legacy and his fall into the hands of The Fiend and Wyatt, to get that nail out of taking away his opportunities, it is not something, it is because this page has already turned into disgust from the hands of people who criticize to criticize Ospreay and the Young Bucks who also support this type of concepts with what was seen with Broken Matt, ironically they also criticize Matt Hardy, Undertaker with his supernatural moves, Jericho and his crazy things, etc.

    It truly disappoints that they come out with that grace here, when literally this was more than just the fight, a huge tribute to the legacy that WWE has built alongside WCW based on the figures of Cena and Wyatt, which is to be recognized, when this He fights for a lot with that of Taker and AJ, they will be remembered above Drew champion, Rollins vs Owens, Becky and Bayley with their disastrous reigns, SP with Cross and Bliss who has nothing, among others more than little memory they will have for the future.

  24. I do not know whether to consider it as a fight, but it was a brilliant segment since it dealt with vital issues in the life of John Cena. Beyond the eccentricities of Bray Wyatt, who somewhat hide the important details, I see a John Cena in front of the mirror, his successes and mistakes in a life dedicated to wrestling and as the maximum icon of a company like WWE. The most painful thing was seeing him walk that path and having to meet people who never appreciated his effort, when they called him a "talent burial" and so on. People never recognized that they were wrong, and these days they only look for the first one who is at the top to curse them. That is the ungrateful world of wrestling, where frustrated people believe they have the right to criticize without remorse.

  25. I think that this William Beltran is a scum that does not even have to understand English, it is clear that there was no "fight" as it was but all the dialogues were very well done, the segment was more like a duel of promos and that style of "mental fight" is something new, different and refreshing, obvious if you do not understand the language it makes you feel boring and pointless, as many surely happened

  26. Than???? Who wrote this shit # to ?? This fight (plus a segment that fights but is understood) was a jewel bro, I think it is time to stop visiting this page crap, it is already too noticeable that they are AEW fanboys (which is not the same as being a fan) and They find everything bad about WWE, moreover putting the tweet from Meltzer, who is a lousy critic of struggles and who puts 8 stars on anything that is done in Japan even if it is the most normal thing in the world

  27. William's fat man has sand in his vagina.

    PAPU CENA saved the show.

    And without going around doing false maneuvers, like flying after receiving a piledriver.

  28. I think it is being exaggerated, like the fight of The undertaker vs Aj styles, for me it was a good segment-fight, quite entertaining to watch.

  29. I agree that The Fiend died the moment the Firefly Funhouse cartoons were stopped and debuted in the ring… dead at birth, that's the reality. WWE, Vince or whoever had 3 objectives, clear? In WM36, destroying the careers of JOHN CENA, UNDERTAKER and BRAY WYATT, ironically, 3 of their best products in recent years ... well ... WWE in 10 years will be nothing.

  30. Politeness, does not remove the brave. Bucks' Power Ranger-style fights are an m ***, but this is, too. POINT.

    Is it so difficult to accept when the company on duty does it wrong? Whether it's AEW, WWE, or whatever.

    • Very good. What happens is that to the trolls who play to be WWE haters, generally resentful starving to death who still live with their parents, it seems that everything Vince does and says is wrong. And a starving man can't deny you 40 years of WWE success

  31. I do not understand, the segment was very very good, with many references well managed, they worked on what has happened in history between them and Cena himself, obviously it could not be something similar to the previous fights already having Edge VS Orton and Taker VS Styles , also served to see how well Wyatt handles mannerisms and voices with his characters, he did not remember the difference between Bray from before and now. The segment had to be different, and I liked that it was something like that. And yes, critical of those fights because the context is different, this is something much closer to Final Deletion and similar things, the others to classic wrestling, and within wrestling, you should not abuse non-selling and spot Nonsense fest, that can be used for ladder fights or similar, but not in normal fights, which end up making them seem like several users say, a circus without history. They are different aspects, for tastes colors, and it is respectable, but this segment, and to a lesser extent that of Raker and Styles were good, they told the story, and they fulfilled within the context that they are.

  32. HAHAHAHAHA Ocampo could not have said it better, the ardor that will fall on the note will be monumental.

    The only good thing I can say about this CIRCO are the micro seconds of CM Punk and Dinner with a NWO shirt, hence a ridiculousness that if it had occurred in another company I would not imagine how criticized it would be by certain MULTI ACCOUNT characters.

    • You do not need to be anti W to realize that the piglet is not ready for a Wrestlemania. What did you or Ocampo discover? What is not at the dinner level? You don't have to be a biotechnologist to find out

      • Does anyone talk about discovering something? If Bray is not level, why do they put him with him, did he get alone?

        • Sorry to interrupt you, but what he meant is that you don't have to look at Chinese indy fighting, to realize that the Fiend is not at a good level. And less on a page where 99% of everything is WWE

          • The fat man at least in the concept of WWE, WCW, ECW is a jobber or a jester. Except for some time Yokozuna, there is no fat man who has excelled. The same thing happens with Wyatt, Owens, etc: they reach a point where people get bored and look at them as just fat people.

          • Yes aha, very well your argument but here it is not a circus for them to booke alone, they do not get there because they decide to do so, remember VINCE MCMAHON arms Wrestlemania, they do not.

            By the way whiskers to how many people have you already wished death by the "chinokavirus"?

          • I follow what I was saying. About the obesity factor they already told you. And the second thing, that the piglet was never anyone's favorite and it was created to be that way, I don't see the big news. Or as they told you before, do you think that the obese Owens is only clear that he will never become a top star for being fat and for being from the indies?

          • Aha, the same comment that even seems written by the same person. But the point here isn't even the weight of the HAHAHAHA guy. What's more, you don't even answer what I ask you I answer in the two comments.

            If Bray is trash, why are they booing him with the big stars and why are they giving him victory at Wrestlemania? I repeat, Bray does not just booke like in the "circuses" full of spots, here Vince McMahon is the one who booke.

            Oh I know, if something goes right it's thanks to Vince McMahon but if it goes wrong and it's ridiculous, it's the fault of, in this case, Bray Wyatt, of course. Because now there is creative freedom in WWE. PERFECT.

          • Here it was time to answer the doctor friend, let him that he can do it alone and I am waiting for him to answer me about the booking, I think you were wrong.

          • No, I already answered you above. Now you see little mustaches all the way under your bed and that's what I wanted to achieve: that you totally lose your reason and the ability to say things that are at least consistent. You're already a crazy hypocrite who plays anti WWE

          • Uh-huh, what time do you answer about the deaths and stuff and crawling around for help? HAHAHA pathetic that mustaches ask other users for help.

          • Uh-huh but why do you keep avoiding the issue where you ask that there be deaths from the Coronavirus? Ahhhh and where there should be a terrorist act and people die. What did you say? Ah yes, a bombshell.

            By God, whiskers, you ask them to help you spread like Jericho the evil Y2J mocked saying that the Coronavirus does nothing to you and you asking that you have died HAHAHA with what face whiskers?


            I give you one, about thirty who aspires most to likes to feel good about himself JSJAJAJAJA

          • Yes, I am a hypocrite like you, I see clones, ghosts. They all had to come in together to insult you, so that you could convince yourself of a bitch you see that it wasn't me. Months ago you transformed into a living troll, Blue Lemon told you today and you kept insisting that it was me who made fun of you all night

          • Uh-huh but why do you keep avoiding the issue where you ask that there be deaths from the Coronavirus? Ahhhh and where there should be a terrorist act and people die. What did you say? Ah yes, a bombshell.

            By God, whiskers, you ask them to help you spread like Jericho the evil Y2J mocked saying that the Coronavirus does nothing to you and you asking that you have died HAHAHA with what face whiskers?


            I give you one, about thirty who aspires most to likes to feel good about himself JSJAJAJAJA

          • If they put a dwarf, a guy disguised with the mascot of the local soccer team or an actor, as they have put in Wrestlemania, it does not mean that it is like in the filthy indys and that they beat John Cena. Elias was rumored to have fought Cena and that doesn't mean he was going to beat him. It is not an indy where all the abnormal are champions

          • But Bray did win. The fat man beat Cena at Wrestlemania, a win boozed by Vince. And the fat man was already champion twice. And later?

          • And that's the most a fat man can achieve. Be a jobber or a jester. Except Yokozuna and until the people got bored, as they are bored of the dwarves, of the giants. Your logic is that everyone is equal and everyone is John Cena

          • No, my logic is that if it really is that bad, WHAT DID THE BOSS SEE IN THE HOW TO MAKE HIM CHAMPION AND SUBSEQUENTLY BEAT A DINNER IN WRESTLEMANIA? One more blunder of the BOSS or should not be questioned?

  33. Very funny, but unlike the Undertaker, the fat one is low at the fighter level. Good character, but lacks experience in the ring

    • wyat is not ready for the big figures, x that yesterday when they criticized strouman you realize that those who criticize strouman do not know anything and wyat is a perfect example

  34. This note is a joke, right? Because I do not see any sense to discredit what dinner and wyatt did, I loved it, it was not the fight I expected, but it entertained me, and it was a thousand times more entertaining than a fight without an audience

  35. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Superfights is web 1. What are you talking about, rat boy. Stop insulting others. in SW it's just posh kids who love AEW

  36. If this had been done by Matt Hardy, he would have been praised everywhere. It was entertaining, and that is the purpose of show sports.

    • He doesn't even train anymore, did you see what he is physically? He cares more about his YouTube channel than training and being the Matt of the Hardy Boyz

  37. We already have a character for you Kid Muscle, we will help you to be a LAW MAN, NOW you need a senpai, watch here Sihcim.

  38. Even the Kid Muscle is beautiful, he is part of the HLU although he does not constantly send the pools and today he lost in a Battle Royal.

  39. Underdeveloped beings, they don't know how to appreciate a fight like Wyatt and Cena's. They do not deserve or have the happiness to write, assholes

    • I am already in Hombresley, what happens is that if the cats do not hunt the remaining rats, in less than a year this becomes solowrestling or the deceased wrestlingdom (QEPD)

    • Here I am, I am subscribing to the page before I leave, so later I already appear over there and we continue with the task.

  40. This page is no longer just sad, disgusting, to think that it is considered the Spanish page of wrestling number 1 is shameful

    the only good thing is this page was that thanks to this I met the true men of law

  41. If someone wants to drop an uncensored coverage, enter my profile and follow the link to read LeyMania, quality of authors assured.

    • What is your Peep Talk. Christian was a failure he never did anything. Is that your comment, where is your opinion of what happened in the fight? Why did you like that fight?

        • No, they are bad authors, because they criticize from a personal perspective, in a completely informative note, vitiating the end as such of places as it is ... reporting from a neutral perspective ... in the end for them as a means they must be neutral with any company of wrestling, wrestling or poroesu

          • But well you watch the videos of Hugo ... the one that when he thought that AEW was going to hire him, he was just shooting at WWE. And after they didn't hire him, he started praising WWE and regaining views.

          • Hahahahaha NEVER boy, so like me I like that guy full of butter that I would rather see how the Canadian vampire narrates in English mocho, an AAA fight than listening to smoke

        • They are lousy for the most part, only Dark Angelica is saved but they are bad and not for not saying what I do but her notes have already lost judgment. They are very impartial.

          • It is not a newspaper. Analysis of the notes is important. If someone thinks differently than you, then debate it and I'm saying

          • But here I don't see much analysis, they really seem like more complaints, is there really nothing good about that "fight"?

    • You will feel? Superfights has always been a very active page. So much so that years ago they removed the comments and people got angry. Rat Boy.

      • tell rat boy to someone how he breaks ?, it shows that the rat boy is none other than you

        • If the comments mattered they would not have banned us because we were doing virtual wrestling tournaments. I was banned 3 times.

          • Regarding that, my dear, will there be room for one more where you are? I was going to enter the pool and the fighting, just when the nation of censorship attacked, then everyone left and I stayed here, hoping that this cemetery would be the page it once was. If I can join the law men, just let me know.

          • Go to the link that is in my profile, tomorrow there is Raw coverage and you can go watching.

          • Don't mention that garbage. SW is useless. They are just rat children commenting idiocy, they do not analyze what happens in the fights or anything.

          • If you can both comment things then comment on good things or that you like hahaha. Here the notes are good, I like them because they explain everything as it is

          • A personal opinion, clearly biased, not objective at all, that is not explaining everything as it is, even worse in cases where things are not as they say, if you like partiality and favoritism then you do not like notes, you like something else.

          • This page is dedicated to swallowing Meltzer's trolls and everything that is to adore AEW, which does not even reach the sole of TNA in its origins.

            Brazen bias. A waste of time reading them, they only look for the clickbait and short notes with a non-existent analysis.

          • Well read only the authors they analyze. When this Beltrán analyzes you get angry because he does not say what you want to hear. Counterpoint him in the comments and go.

          • I do not read it, but you are telling me that this is the best and nothing is further from reality. I do not intend to be told anything that "wants to hear", I look for analysis with a minimum of intelligence and they do not offer it here.
            Even the newsroom is poor.

      • Hahahahaha brother, I've been here since your printed version existed, when it was really reviewed…. I went to the digital age when this was a pandemonium, don't you offend me or are you something other than beltran namesake?

        • And then why do you say that what it will feel like so much activity, if you have been before me that I came to the web and to the fight as in 2016.

          • Because by brands and because I read fairly what these pseudo Editors publish…. I know they have lowered the amount of comments boy, that's what I mean and you can't say no. see note by note the decrease in comments on disqus.

    • Haha, guys from the HLU you remind me of the old Connoisseurs Club here in SL.

      Before so many comments were common, having more than 100 today for them is like their biggest success in months.

  42. I wanted to read the note, but my computer exploded with so much advertisement.
    Although reading the title, I already imagine that it is a waste of time.

  43. By telling me that you prefer to see the Youngs Bucks and Will Ospreay instead of this fight, they already told me all about you.

  44. Hahaha talk about how badly they write beltran and the kid of the 5 is like saying that Kid muscle is consistent every 3 comments.

  45. -Five Adames to Beltrán for writing ugly, as well as Alfredo's son. If that's the Homunculus Kid

  46. With this note it is clear that beltran is someone pathetic who does not deserve to have the «» »honor» »» of writing notes?

    although good that can be expected from a dead page

    • Dead but still here hahahaha. And why are you attacking Beltran? Why doesn't he get in your line because he doesn't think like you?

      • Those who are still here only pass by sometimes to find out if there is still some old, knowledgeable, old school (you don't), to take them to the new page, just that.
        And nobody is attacking Beltran, since according to you, the personal opinion, not professional, totally biased and not at all objective of the editor, that is, things as they are, so we also tell things as they are, the difference is that we if we tell the truth.

  47. I already want to see the note praising Matt and Aew when they copy this segment and that Meltzer will surely give 5 stars haha

  48. Having low expectations of something always makes you welcome anything you did not expect. Perhaps most of us knew what Wrestlemania would be this year and so we did not expect much. I maintain the position of everyone who is free to comment on whatever. But without a doubt, it has been one of the worst notes I have read since I frequent SL. Wrestlemania film "matches" will not deserve a 5-star rating, nor should they be called matches. They were a waste of entertainment that I hadn't seen in a long time. I explain my reasons:
    1) The boneyard stipulation of yesteryear is known in WWE history, and it's simple: fight in the ring, knock out the opponent, and lock him in the coffin. That stipulation would not have worked at all if it had been carried out on the PC or worse, in the stadium. Undertaker will be eternal for his legacy and for what he means to us, but his body will not. Therefore, it would have been another consecutive fight giving others pain. That is why the boneyard match footage works great. Because they edited everything in a way that simply felt something special and nostalgic. And in truth, the columnist seems to me a fan that WWE no longer goes with his style and simply writes notes for the mere fact of being his work and is judging this as if it were a fight, when it was entertainment.

    2) The Wyatt vs Cena, was the staging of why the first mentioned is a genius. I am not mistaken in saying that many of us thought that it would be like the infamous Orton vs Wyatt in the house of terror. It was not so. It was a recreation in great detail of how the race of two opposite poles has been (speaking of the Kayfabe) and how Wyatt shapes the situation to make Cena see as the villain. And in truth, the details, the crypticity of the atmosphere in each scene, were extremely entertaining to me and that, like the Taker vs Styles, it worked

    And both cases, I will tell you that if they had developed naturally, they would have been painful to see because being honest, the only exponent capable of giving a good fight is Styles (Cena also, when he has a good companion).

    Points to highlight:

    Being a columnist who studied journalism. Respect, consistency and fairness are key to writing a note. If you want to call us dumb because we differ in your opinion, it would be good if you saved it for a personal blog and not for a magazine note.

    I am not and will never be an expert in wrestling. Dave Meltzer is a thousand times more specialized than I am. But from there to boast and endorse someone who is not impartial and who for example gives 6 stars to a match in pairs that does not deserve it (Page, Omega vs Bucks) and only 4 to one of great quality (Bryan vs Neese )… I dont know.

    The fingerpoke of doom itself is a mockery of wrestling. Both cases share the entertainment factor. The difference is that one pretended to be an insult to the intelligence of people who watched WCW, motivated by the decline of the company and its desire to return to the top. The other was something that we already knew would be surreal and should not be taken as a fight, I would say that it was a lucky shot by WWE that hit the target due to the good handling of the footage and the situation that surrounds us.


    Freedom of expression must always exist, and opinions that differ from ours must never be censored. You just have to be objective and present your points of view with logical points so that you don't sound like a hater.

  49. As I said before, the burning of the vagina has a first and last name and is called William Beltran, a clown with all the letters, zero professionalism, making tantrums of fangirl ardent in his personal opinions, because his are not notes, they are only opinions that of course this one, nobody cares. First I wondered how "Mr." Ocampo allowed a stupid like Beltran to write notes for the pseudo page, but now I saw the reality, and that is that Ocampo also became an ardent anti-WWE, he cares so much about fucking the company that he didn't He is worried about sacrificing his "page", since if "Mr." Ocampo has not noticed, what these days, Beltran's pseudo notes, have been the debacle of the page, both talking about the bad thing about WWE, the low that has fallen and blah blah blah, but did not realize that he and his bitches have fallen even lower, before this "page" was respected, it was the best there was in the field, but now they are the laughingstock of all , became a yellowish page, rather it seems like a gossip magazine, a pity that "Mr." Ocampo has prioritized throwing hate at WWE over caring for his page. But the good thing about all this is that the thinking people realized everything, they saw how biased and unprofessional they have become and this is going to be very expensive for them, remember my words, this moment marked a before and after in the «page», from now on the decline is coming, the only thing that kept the page afloat was the role-playing game that users made, they took that away from them and lost much of their trust and respect, but still for pity , some stayed to prevent the page from dying, but with this, they ended up losing the little respect and affection that those users still felt for the page, and let's agree that what keeps a product alive, are the fans who consume it and They support it, therefore, the days of Super Truchas are numbered, it is a pity but sometimes when something is ruined so much that it can no longer be composed, the best solution is to destroy it to build something new and better on top, RIP Super Truchas.

    • Phew! You hit the nail. I hope many follow your word and do not stop again on this pseudo-journalistic page.

    • I was hoping that in the end they would clarify that the note was a joke or a parody of something, but it turns out that there really are people thinking, writing, reviewing and publishing nonsense like that. They went to the pipe.

    • QUE? wwe is in decline, what did you mean, this page does well to question everything wwe does ... the content is good ... not like before since like WWE you have to sell ... you are an IMBE &%

  50. That segment was truly incredible, with the level of references handled and with the brutal honesty that Wyatt and Cena took to speak and receive their truths face to face. How many times have we seen Cena admit that the hatred she received affects him? How many times have we seen Wyatt accept that he is responsible for his actions while Cena calls him overrated? It wasn't a fight, it was a great mental promo.

    And honestly, if Wyatt will do more Firefly Funhouse Matches, then do it. It is a great way to break that fourth wall and it would be nice to hear the versions of Reigns, Orton, HHH, Taker and Bryan. It wasn't a fight, but boy was it interesting and surprising.

    WWE bets on entertainment with struggles. Other companies bet on the struggles to provide entertainment. Neither is wrong.

    • Besides, this means that he totally broke with the spirit of John Cena, he broke that image of "Never Give Up", that image of constantly winning every mental battle and breaking barriers. John Cena has given up, has lost psychologically, and it was a really unique outcome that you will not be able to have in a ring, no matter how well they could tell the story. It was incredible.

      • EXACT. John Cena was "buried". Wyatt told him, he had to face himself and lost by not being able to control his impulses and accept his mistakes.

        Wyatt brought him fame for burying talents, for being addicted to fame, for poster-boy, for the boss's favorite, for being massively hated by fans, and even belittled Nikki Bella. When Wyatt released the "Egomania Runs Wild" I knew that in itself this was more of a crazy rant to Cena's entire career.

        Wyatt destroyed it not in the ring, it went to his mind and it destroyed inside to the point where at the end of the fight Cena "disappeared". How or when will it return? We do not know. But now Cena is stuck in his mind.

        • It is really worthy of tremendous applause narrative. But I also understand that it can cause controversy for these wrestling purists. And still, they don't realize that WWE has always bet more on entertainment than on wrestling, and that doesn't necessarily make it a bad thing. The kayfabe has been dead for years, it is what kept wrestling alive, not the keys, not the ability in the ring (yes, it is important and can also entertain, for example I do see Dynamite and I enjoy it), what what kept wrestling alive was that aura of mysticism.

        • This is already overdoing ... find 3 legs for the cat. Being such a fan of WWE that everything seems logical to you, with meaning, you love everything. Got damn

    • HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. What the hell was amazing? If they didn't even throw a good shot, they didn't make an attitude adjustment or mothers. Go to the optician my son, adjust your glasses.

    • There are people like you who understood the work and there are people who write stupidities ... as in the case of this "knowledgeable" pseudo-journalistic note

  51. I really am at a crossroads to see or not this crap since the summary made me curious as dinner was provided for such a thing.

  52. What the hell are they talking about? That segment was stupid INCREDIBLE, it really was a gem that will never be forgotten, and in a good way.

    It wasn't even wrestling, but the result was far more significant than if it had been a traditional fight in the ring.

      Please, what did you want it to be? Another fight like all the others? This was INGENIOUS, it was original, it was excellently well acted, WHAT DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND THAT THEY MADE IT SEEM THAT THIS MEETING TAKED THEM YEARS OF BUILDING? What if there were no feigned taps and kicks, no! There was entertainment !!! That is the most important!! Bray's speech makes sense at all times and blends perfectly with his follies. They let him wear a Vince doll, he makes fun of Eric Bischoff, SINGS BRIE BELLA'S SONG IN HIS FACE TO DINNER, that was great !!

      I have been following this page for years, but this opinion disappoints me a lot. WOULD YOU SERIOUSLY PREFER TO HAVE SEEN THE UNDERTAKER GIVING PENALTY IN A LIVE COMBAT INSTEAD OF THE BONEYARD ???

      • Yes, in addition, HOW CAN YOU NOT APPRECIATE THE NARRATIVE JEWEL TREMEND? It was incredible, really worthy of awards. They will say that it was not a fight or that this is not wrestling BUT IT WAS A THOUSAND TIMES MORE ENTERTAINING and it will go down in HISTORY. I don't understand how they can upset you. Everything related to that segment / footage WAS GOLD. And I don't want to sound over the top, but I could see it again and feel like it's MY FAVORITE THING IN THE WRESTLING STORY.

        Both John Cena and Bray Wyatt played a tremendous role (Yes Bray WYATT DID A GREAT JOB, for the haters who say they are trying to demerit him).

        • I think those who say it was bad is because they did not understand anything, I just saw it again and it seems even better, narratively it is perfect, it tells you the story of dinner, its stages making the simile with the hogan race and the turn heel that was always expected and in turn hooking that with the fight they had with wyatt in 2014 making dinner finally embrace fear and that will lead him to lose this fight, no, it is simply great, everything fits perfectly and being faithful at all times to the character of wyatt

  53. I agree but, you are a page of some prestige, this type of writing invites you to fall lower than this bizarre "fight".


    More movements or is it very fat. NEEDS TO IMPROVE IN THE URGENT RING. THE CHARACTER IS GOOD.

  55. First, you should not see it as a fight, but an entertaining segment, because wwe is sports training, if not, you have to see about Mexican wrestling as triple A an example or Japanese wrestling as njpw, which I would consider as wrestling 100%, I liked this segment, a story that entertained me for a while, it was seen from a point like many about how the rise and fame of john cena was, so to speak, and how wyatt's almost burial was at wrestlemania xxx, John as a sample was a prototype hulk hogan, logically he would win wyatt, he was his world.Now the investment and time of how the story was told, the creativity and it was shown that he dines if he supports the talent of wyatt. I took creativity and history from this note, seeing it as a segment and not fighting, and the idea is to entertain, to be creative calls for entertainment.

    • EXACT
      Honestly during this event I realized that wrestling is really boring, after years of following it. What I really like is that interaction with the public. But then I saw this segment and realized that you can also make very good content, without even needing an audience.

  56. This concept of struggles is something that you now support and it is the crap that Matt Hardy does those fights of bizarre worlds where they create struggles in studios with trash scenes that concept that they defend so much with power over naturals, that's why I never liked the segments of Matt and that without a doubt replies now WWE in the absence of an audience that is why this happens but that the page is impartial it is because the scene of Matt appearing from various sides and then with fire screaming delete several times also seemed to me something very bad

    • It is true. The logic of the anti-WWE starvation, until yesterday was that for example the Undertaker had to be Al Pacino in The Godfather. Today fat Fiend does something more like Matt Hardy's soap opera, which obviously was not going to have much fighting content and is now very out of date. So?

      • The fight of the taker was 10000 you see better and that is treated by a rotten old man, Brein Wyant is not prepared and I think that nobody is interested as a fighter but as a character he grew a lot, he is a pwna

      • The fight of the taker was 10000 you see better and that is treated by a rotten old man, Brein Wyant is not prepared and I think that nobody is interested as a fighter but as a character he grew a lot, he is a pwna

  57. It is very funny how this page now also became a real junk, you may or may not agree with something, for example today I agree that what they had wyatt and dinner was disgusting, but a page that respects cannot To give this kind of notes, it is obvious that Beltran was burned by the amount of negative comments of his badly called note about the fight of undertaker and aj. many people will defend and many people will be against wwe, and aew and nxt and so on each company, but as a page visited by fans from all over Latin America they must show some impartiality, finally as you say it is incredible that many people defend wwe, Well, ask Vince and more than 20 years leading the business, and obviously millions who earn for all that. I will answer you, criticize everything you want, I earn millions and you nothing. In other words, your opinion lost credibility long ago.

    • I don't understand why the hell they throw Beltran so much. It is your opinion and now. This is a non-informative analysis note ... if he did not like it well for him and if you liked it then explain why the hell you liked it.

      • Do you read what you write? To start in this type of media, this kind of notes is ALWAYS informative, since the objective of the page is to INFORM, to provide information, from the moment you are given the position of editor of notes, you are supposed to have a task to fulfill , which is to capture information, no more and no less, to publish your personal opinions, keyword, "personal", for example, your social networks, which are only yours, PERSONAL, but here on the page you must comply with Your job, which is to report objectively and impartially, after writing all this seems to me that I did wrong because I think you don't even know what the page is about.

    • It is the bad thing, dear post, here there is a lot of wwe fangirl, impartiality does not exist since most praise the mcmahon product and despise indie, but beware do not criticize the mcmahon product and they immediately screw up, they tell you insulting you and comparing the indies or giving you negative votes

      • What if you don't like WWE, what are you doing on a page where 99% of the content is WWE? Here is crazy, who wants to explain to you that the air is invisible and that the water is wet

        • unlike you child I am impartial, when I have to praise the product mcmahon I do it, when I have to criticize it I do it and so with any wrestling promotion because I love wrestling in general

          • The worst thing is that the subject continues to believe that all the dozens of people who made fun of him tonight, are my friends or that it was me, coming in from many accounts. It's like a Barney, like a Mole Yiyo, like a Chabelo, like a Teletubbie from WWE haters

          • Prediction? I just said what I thought at the time HAHAHAHA. By God, mustaches, you are over 30 years old and you go out babysitting and avoid the subject.

            You talk about Jericho's mockery but ... Who is it that wants death around there? HAHAHAHAHAHA oh mustaches What is that "help me spread"? Can't you alone? LOL.

            By the way, if you are going to have multiple accounts, try to use them at different times and that they comment differently, if they all appear when you appear, you are failing. Please mustaches, that your thirty-something make you think so little.


          • Aha, a prediction like any other. What is wrong with predictions? There is a reason why bookmakers hahahahaha.

            Someone is evading the issue of deaths from mmmm How do you tell him? Chinokavirus? HAHAHA.

            Keep looking for mustaches hahahaha I have a thirty-year-old guy working with mommy issues checking my disqus profile with posts from four months ago and giving me DISLIKE and giving himself AUTOLIKE to upload his ego HAHAHA, what a false life. I notice you desperate to go four months ago HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

            Not to mention the multi accounts he set up to comment on me and give himself more likes. SOUNDS WELL DEPRESSING FOR YOUR AGE HAHAHAHA

          • Yes, now you see ghosts everywhere. You totally freaked out already. It was also me who said that AJ Styles never met WWE until 2016. Now they laugh at you and it's my fault

          • Let's see what I said, I want to know. Your problem is that you don't like the same irony of supposedly complaining about how bad WWE is, they do it to you. Did you see how ugly it feels?

          • You know well what you said mustaches, days ago I thought I saw something about "the chinokavirus has to kill the indys" or "if a starvation falls they set it on fire" also "let that failed dwarf die of chinokavirus" and the most recent "put a bomb in NXT and let them fly by a thousand pieces"

            How bad was Y2J saying that the chinokavirus did nothing to him, help me spread 🙁

          • It is unfortunate how they interchange and change the conversation by putting indies, what do they have to do at this time? When I have to criticize indies, I will not know where they want to go, I agree that wwe is number 1 but that of defending her cloak and dagger of anything I don't know my dear Kid is sickly

          • That's right mustaches, until a few weeks ago he made fun of the "Matt Hardy special effects" and today he comes to defend those of VInce McMahon.

            The worst thing is that sometimes you agree with them and in his mind it is "don't speak well of WWE if you already spoke ill of them", he is a little resentful. The worst thing is that he is already close to 40 and continues to behave like this.

          • What do you want, boy? Give us reason? and not argue? What's wrong? 15 years and not knowing more than to speak based on that type of lines ??? I expected a little more from you.

          • I'm in quarantine boy, I can do everything you want ... doesn't your mom scold you for keeping up? talking to us?

          • And wish people death by Coronavirus where Bigotes is?

            Come on, continue with your "help me spread" JAJAJAJA.

          • From Jericho and not yours was to spread. If I want to have fun with you, I just read you and go. Now it turns out that everyone who taunts anti WWE trolls is paid or shipped by me. You are crazier and more abnormal every day

          • Exactly, you are looking for my comments from 4 months ago and who knows what month you arrived JAJAJA

          • Well, you see that many people of the law men, they hate you and you hit with what it was me sending people against you or clones. I already answered the other

          • You grew up watching fight from the beginning of this century. No one who has seen WCW and WWE says or pretends to be a WWE hater. There is no impartiality of anything, here nobody comments the notes of Chinese or Mexican struggle, it is what I just check. But to play indy, they are all experts in Chinese, Colombian and Portuguese wrestling. Who are you going to make believe that?

          • I never said that I am hater my estimate, to criticize is not to hate the product and indeed here it is only WWE you are putting indys and you compare them, I repeat when I have to criticize I do it and when I have to praise I do it, if you don't think so well it's your problem friend I will not change the way I do things just because you don't think I criticized something you like

          • You just complained about WWE. To what I logically asked you, then what are you doing on a page where almost everyone and even the phonies are only interested in WWE? Where is the reason to complain about something that seems good to me? I'm either lying or I'm in the wrong place

          • because not everything about WWE is bad, Wrestlemania 36 had things that I liked (Edge and Orton, Undertaker vs Styles etc) and also things that I didn't like (Shayna and Becky thing) my dear you think I'm a hater but no I am a friend when I praise the mcmahon product it is because it deserves it they did it well but when they did not do it well I have to say it because I like to see WWE like you

          • The only thing that bothers me is the hypocrisy of I like it but I don't like it. You like it or you don't like it, it's absurd to detest something you like. If you do not like WWE, here the logic of this page and most, is that at least you should like it. Here is not a page where people comment on Chinese fighting, boxing, they comment almost entirely on WWE. What is wrong?

          • I think what he is referring to is that there is nothing that we can like 100%. Whether we want it or not, everything has its defects, since it is impossible to be perfect.

          • Yes, it is one thing to mention the flaws. And another is trying to white trash Lesnar, Goldberg, Strowman or saying that Vince did everything wrong in 40 years. That's not a criticism, that's cynicism, it's hypocrisy knowing that they compare it to AEW

          • Personally this WM seemed good to me, the defect that I would count would be the absence of the public. Admittedly, the public gives a great touch to the fights, especially in WM. He had not so striking and not so good fights. But really that is to be expected from any PPV of any company.

          • I just wanted to see the Undertaker and McIntyre champion. But it's ugly to read things like Goldberg and Lesnar are old chemical-filled targets. That Undertaker is an old man who is useless, these trolls and hypocrites must be given a dose of their own poison

          • Exactly, there is the criterion and when you don't like something there is nothing wrong with saying it and if you like it, it should still be expressed.

      • You praise a Rollins or Bryan fight and you are already starving that you only love the indy fight, you praise a Reings fight you are a pseudo connoisseur of the fight that knows how to identify talent, you will be the sgte Vince Mc mahon hahahaha exactly that happens here my Dear, greetings.

  58. What a form of redemption for Wyatt ... lost the thread, anyway now that follows, Bray's rivalry with Braun? until the dog returns from its rest? maybe

    • For the fiend? I do not blame, it seems an Indian circus and the biggest trash sta in aew, starting with the blond dwarf who d towards stardus

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