Vila Catch: new fighting company born in Barcelona

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By Gladys Trujillo

In Barcelona, ​​a new luchistic company called Vila Catch was born, which intends to set a trend at the national level, to place itself in the taste of the Spanish public and subsequently, to make the leap worldwide.

And it is that the proposal of Vila Catch will try to unify different the different styles (already established) styles of wrestling: European pressing catch, american wrestling y Mexican wrestling.

The intention of this fight format is to attract young promises of the sport that are able to offer a show with different aspects to position it in the public's taste.

With this, they want to show that the influence of wrestling extends beyond the reflectors of Mexican wrestling or American wrestling.

In this way, Vila Catch will organize its first event on July 5 in Santa Coloma de Gramenet, Barcelona.

Then the event promo.