Video: Chilean Wrestling Fights - Sinner vs. Caoz vs Ricky Marvin

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Caoz, Sinner and Marvin prior to the fight, photograph belonging to the National Fight Xplosion

Greetings dear readers of Superluchas. This time I bring a fairly recent fight, but it was so good and has had such an impact that I think it was worth writing about what this tremendous fight was in the Glory Days event of the National Xplosion of Struggle.

The story of this fight is as follows: Sinner He is one of the best air fighters in Chile, if not the best, the public has always been very fond of him for his suicidal style, which can be seen in moves such as this Swanton Bomb from the top of an Ultimate X, and also, for his sexy man character that fascinates the women who attend the events of XNL. Precisely because of this, the public used to regret that Sinner had never obtained a degree in XNL, and despite having had several victories in his career, as long as the fight was about being a number one challenger or rightly for some championship, his efforts were unsuccessful.

However, this year Sinner's luck began to change, since in the great event UV factor de XNLAt the beginning of the season, Sinner won the right to be the number one challenger by National Title of Titans after winning the victory in a tremendous ladder fight as you can see in the show summary. The National Title of Titans, is a Chilean championship that comes from the traditional group Ring Titans (Chilean version of "Titanes en el Ring" from Argentina), which at that time was held by the Peruvian fighter Caoz, LWA Peru, and no Chilean had been able to bring the title back to their country of origin. In addition, along with his teammate, Bunny, Sinner managed win the wrestling championships in Chile Lucha Libre (can see the fight download here), without a doubt, a very good omen for his approaching fight.

However, things got difficult before Glory Days, as the XNL board forced Sinner to defend his headline opportunity against Gaston Mateo, in a hard fight (which you can see recorded from the public in this link), where Sinner won. Despite this, poor Sinner would face more difficulties to reach the championship, since before the event it was announced the inclusion of nothing more or nothing less than Ricky "Wonder" Marvin to the titular fight, which made Sinner the First Chilean to fight two foreigners at the same time in a triple threat in his country.

Finally, Days of Glory arrived, and without further turning back, Sinner went out to face possibly the most important fight of his career, before the Caoz Champion and one of the best air fighters in the world, Ricky Marvin. Fight you can see below, courtesy of National Fight Xplosion that uploaded it to its official channel:

[youtube = http: // v = Fd0rc3JTm_o]

The fight, as you can see, was full of air attacks by Sinner and Marvin, in addition to all the strength and dexterity of Caoz who was not willing to lose his championship, in fact, Caoz himself during the fight recognized Sinner that Marvin was still in the fight since he had not earned the opportunity to be a challenger and formed an alliance against the Mexican, who finally used his experience and agility to confuse both and counterattack. At the end of the fight I think Sinner had the opportunity to show why he is a tremendous air fighter and with paths Reverse Frog and a spectacular Spyral Tap finally managed to have his moment of glory, to the joy of the audience.

After the fight both Caoz and Marvin congratulated Sinner for his triumph and the tremendous fight he gave.

This fight was reviewed in the May 8 issue of Third Fall (Minute 29:18).

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