Team Whitewolf, the new ambassadors of Spanish wrestling

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The professional wrestling scene in Spain has not always been very popular. The golden years of this modality date back to the fifties or sixties, where many competitors came to emigrate to the United States, Mexico and Argentina in search of recognition.

It's been a long time since anyone talked about wrestling in Spain, either because of lack of habit or because it has generally been seen as cheap entertainment. Even the press treated him like this when he was more popular, so that the general public lost interest

Recently, the situation has changed radically. Spain enjoys a growing hobby and local businesses are very much to blame. The Madrid company Triple W (White Wolf Wrestling) is a good example of this, which has gained worldwide popularity thanks to two of its most outstanding students: A-Kid and Carlos Romo.

Both are fighters trained in Madrid and have a great time in their young careers. A-Kid has recently been recognized by Dave Meltzer on social media for his phenomenal match against Zack Saber Jr., cataloged with five stars. For his part, Carlos Romo is already a regular in several UK promotions and was the first Spanish gladiator to compete for Progress Wrestling.

I have been fortunate to be able to talk with them, as they travel continuously for work reasons, and have wanted to make themselves known to the fans of Latin America.

A-KID: "At the age of ten I decided to start training. The fighters who made me interested in this were Mistery King and Goldberg, They looked like superheroes. Later, people like Bret (Hart), DanielsonOwen (Hart) became my references ",

CARLOS ROMO: "I decided to try shortly after moving to Madrid. I had a lot of free time and it was something I wanted to do at least once in my life. I fell in love and here we continue, with no intention of stopping. To train none in particular, but the ones that hooked me the most to wrestling when I was little were Rey Mysterio, Jeff Hardy and CM Punk. "

Both A-Kid and Carlos Romo have aroused much interest in the United Kingdom, other European countries, including Dave Meltzer, what is the difference in the situation of Spanish wrestling between now and ten years ago?

AK: "Now there is Spanish wrestling and quality. It is a matter of time that people get to know him more and expand, but the talent already exists. "

CR: "I cannot tell you what the situation was like ten years ago because I was not part of the scene, but I can tell you that in the last four years it has improved infinitely. It's more professional, the level of the fighters is much higher, every time we attract more wrestling fans who were reluctant to give us a chance and not only talk about us in Spain, but worldwide. It is a great start, but there is a long way to go. "

I imagine that, for a fighter, traveling is very important. Precisely, many national fighters did not leave our borders, I only remember La Pulga going to Japan a few years ago, Pol Badía in the United Kingdom and little else. How did those offers from the United Kingdom and the United States arrive?

CR: "The one from the United States came through the contact between Zayas (promoter of Triple W) and Quackenbush (promoter of CHIKARA), since they had worked on some designs for CHIKARA together. They did the King of Trios of 2017 in the United Kingdom and wanted European representation. On the other hand, we are looking for the United Kingdom. Long hours of sending emails, kicking shows just to help, traveling to train ... little by little they kept our faces and have given us opportunities. "

AK: "There were many occasions when we traveled alone to help set up the ring and learn from the best from outside. When they gave us opportunities we were ready and now we work for them. "

As head coaches of the Triple W academy in Madrid without having reached the age of 30. How does it feel to teach and train new Spanish talents?

AK: "It is very comforting, when it works out, to be able to transmit what you learn and at the same time learn from the people you teach is very special. Right now I cannot teach many classes, but the ones I give I make sure to prepare them thoroughly ".

CR: "It is one of the most exciting things. I love being able to travel and then using the knowledge we get from our travels to teach the fighters who are starting here, giving them access to a wrestling education that I would have liked to have. I really want to see who are the next great fighters of La Triple W and I am sure it will be one of the things I am most proud of. "

Decades ago, Mexico was the target country of Spanish fighters because the fight in Spain was in the doldrums. There were fighters like Eduardo Bonada, Fernando Osés, Paco Pardinez, Benny Galant, Jorge Allende, Carlos Plata, Toño Montoro, Mariano Yugueros, among many others. They all made history in Mexico and are considered as legends.

AK: "Mexico is a goal without a doubt. It is a style that I have hardly had the opportunity to work on and I would love to learn it. Also, soaking up your culture can be very beneficial not only as a fighter but as a person. "

CR: "I would like to travel, spend a little time there and soak up Mexican wrestling, learn everything possible. However, I don't see my future there. "

December 6 will be one of the most important shows in Spain. Triple W celebrates "The Hour of Truth". Angelico will be there, Jordan Devlin, Aussie Open ... Is this the beginning of a new stage for Spanish wrestling? Are there more exciting projects like this?

AK: "This show is called The Hour of Truth for a reason. Right now, the future depends on the reaction of the fans to the event. We have prepared the best show with national and foreign talent possible. It will depend on the reaction that there will be more or not, although at the moment it is being very positive. "


CR: "I hope so! First we have to see how this show comes out, how the public reacts to it and from there look forward. This show is something we have dedicated a lot of time, effort and money to, and we want it to mark a before and after. Regarding the projects ... there are, but we will have to see if they are viable or not. "

How would you promote our readers, who are not very familiar, with Spanish wrestling?

AK: "I recommend you try the free month of our On Demand service. On a personal basis, my battles this past year have been very special, they were all different and I tried to give our title the importance it deserves. "

CR: "I think that a very simple way is for them to watch some of the presentation videos of La Triple W that are on our YouTube channel or simply to go to a show. You will see an audience delivered as nowhere else in the world, an incredibly fun and entertaining show even if you are not especially a fan of wrestling and you will have an amazing time. The people that come, without realizing it, after ten minutes he is already singing, jumping and dancing, and that's wonderful. "

The content of The Triple W can be seen in your service on demand, with the first month free using the code "DECEMBER". Also, there are free videos on his channel Youtube.

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  1. I have been to WWW functions in Madrid, and they are only geeks playing at being a wrestler, it was embarrassing. There are only two more fellows than today in the indies there are tons like these.

  2. I have been to WWW functions in Madrid, and they are just geeks playing at being a wrestler, it gave others shame. There are only two more scholarship holders than today in the indies there are loads like these.

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