Stardom: "Stardom is Again" The return to activity

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The enclosure of the Shin-Kiba 1st RING was decked out with the function "Stardom is Again"of the female company Stardom and that marked his return to activity in the post-era Coronavirus.

"Stardom is Again"
"Stardom is Again"

For the first time since March 24 and four weeks after Hana Kimura's death, Stardom returned today with a show for Fan Club members, who set a record for ticket purchases, as the day they went to the sale online, sold out in five minutes.

At the beginning of the event the 10 gong touch was given in honor of Hana Kimura. In the first match, Rina won with Kimura's final move, the Hydrangea (Ground Octopus Hold).

Stardom: "Stardom is Again" Return to Activity 1

► "Stardom is Again"

Jungle Kyona also made a statement to fans saying that he had been unable to return to the ring after the events of the past 4 weeks due to injury.

Stardom: "Stardom is Again" Return to Activity 2

In special heads-up, Konami reported on Natsuko Tora, when the latter was disqualified for trying to hang her rival with a chain.

Stardom: "Stardom is Again" Return to Activity 3

In a couple clash between elements of Queen Quest, Momo Watanabe and AZM against Utami Hayashishita and Saya Kamitani, they finished without winners after 20 minutes of fray.

Stardom: "Stardom is Again" Return to Activity 4

Himeka Arita, who left the Actwres girl'Z company on March 31, was introduced as a new member of Donna del Mondo. Their participation in the final fight was not previously announced, so the rivals in turn (Mayu Iwatani, Tam Nakano and Starlight Kid) were reinforced with Saya Iida. Donna del Mondo took the victory precisely from the hand of Arita with an Argentine Backbreaker over Iida.

Stardom: "Stardom is Again" Return to Activity 5

The complete results are:

Stardom "Stardom is Again ~ FC" MY STARDOM "MEMBERS ONLY", 21.06.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX
Shin-Kiba 1st RING
Attendance: 100 Viewer

1. 3 Way Match: Rina beat Natsu Sumire and Hina (8:55) with the Hydrangea on Hina.

2. DEATH Yama-san defeated Saki Kashima (5:11) with a Cross Kneelock.

3. Konami beat Natsuko Tora (9:25) over DQ.

4. Momo Watanabe and AZM vs. Utami Hayashishita and Saya Kamitani - finished in a draw after the end of the time limit (20:00).

5. Giulia, Syuri, Maika and Himeka Arita defeated Mayu Iwatani, Tam Nakano, Starlight Kid and Saya Iida (23:28) with an Arita Argentine Backbreaker on Iida.