WWE RAW (April 6, 2020) | Live results | The Drew McIntyre era begins

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RAW APRIL 6, 2020 .— With ups and downs, positive and negative points; many emotions and bewildering moments, WWE issued two nights of WrestleMania last weekend. And the balance was good, because in the end they managed to amuse the fans in a time that is dark due to the pandemic by the Covid-19. And the McMahon company march continues this Monday with another episode of Monday Night Raw, which is broadcast from the facilities of the WWE Performance Center, in Orlando, Florida.

RAW APRIL 6, 2020

Raw April 6, 2020

We have a review of what happened at WrestleMania 36 which evidently highlights the enormous victory of Drew McIntyre, who knocked down The Beast.

Asuka welcomes us and we have the first fight of the night.

► 1- Asuka vs. Liv morgan

Asuka babbles her rival in Japanese and then takes the initiative by cornering her against the ropes. Then Liv picks up momentum, and the Japanese babe hits her with the hip.

Now they take the action out of the ring. Liv seems to dominate, but Asuka reverses it and whips her against the ring. Later, Liv sends Asuka to the ground, but then she is received by a kick from the former Champion of Couples and now she is the one who makes fun of Liv, who is now lying down.

Upon returning from the commercial, Asuka remains in control in the center of the ring connecting a series of kicks.

Then he goes for a lunge, but gets kicked; However, he counters with a knee and achieves a count of 2.

Asuka continues to tease Liv, but she misses a kick and Liv lays her flat on her back, and the referee counts to 2.

Liv Morgan regains control and with a series of ties keeps Asuka at bay. Stomp and 2 count for Liv.

Asuka goes for the Asuka lock, but Liv reverses her and lays her flat on her back. However, after a brief exchange, Asuka tries the same surrender maneuver again and after Liv couldn't reach any rope, despite the desperate attempt, Asuka rearranges her key and Liv finally gives up.


Asuka is the winner in a good fight. Liv Morgan had a good performance despite losing, and Asuka retires dancing.

Behind the scenes, Charly Caruso interviews Becky Lynch and The Man says that she is about to turn a year as a Raw Champion. He says that if Shayna has a problem with her, she already knows where to find her.

"The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat". In a video that was uploaded to YouTube, we heard Shayna Baszler say that phrase several times. Then, she warns Becky by telling her that she will feel the agony of her defeat. The rivalry between these two appears to continue.

Later we will have the repetition of the Boneyard Match:


► 2- Raw Couples Championship: The Street Profits vs. Ángel Garza and Austin Theory

We have a rematch of what happened 24 hours ago. We will see if women get involved in combat; However, there is no trace of Bianca Belair, although there is of Zelina Vega, who comes with an outfit to fight.

Dawkins and Garza start, but the Mexican simply flees and gives the relief to the NXT. Dawkins punishes Theory, Ford takes over and does the same. Garza enters illegally, but the champions connect a double kick on his rivals. So far the same sequence we saw 24 hours ago.

Returning from the commercial break, Dawkins punishes Theory, but misses a lunge. Then Theory manages to apply a guillotine on Dawkins and finishes it off with a rolling dropkick.

The minutes pass and Theory is still in control. Then, he takes him to his corner and hands over to Garza, who continues the punishment.

The toughs continue to dominate at will, but Dawkins pulls out a crossover suplex out of nowhere and eventually makes it to where his partner is. Garza also enters, but it is Ford who takes the advantage.

Ford remains in control. Achieve a DDT and seek to attack from the air. Theory distracts the referee, but Zelina takes Ford's foot, although unfortunately, the referee sees him and decrees disqualification.


The Street Profits expire by disqualification and retain titles, despite claims by Zelina and company. However, he has already thrown himself into pain and enters to punish the champions, but ...

Bianca Belair appears. The toughs flee, but the NXT EST takes the microphone and challenges Zelina Vega to a fight.

► 3- Bianca Belair vs. Zelina vega

Well, we already imagined that Zelina was going to fight, and it is the NXT who takes control from the beginning. Let's remember his great performance at Royal Rumble

Belair continues to dominate and treats The Doll like any potato sack. However, when Zelina was cornered, Belair misses a charge and hits the cornerback, and now Zelina is on the offensive.

The Street Profits support Belair, but making quite a noise. But it seems to work, as it quickly Regains mastery, after reversing a Zelina key. He picks it up and then drops it onto the mat.


Belair is going to gain momentum, but Austin Theory doesn't allow it. After a brief discussion, Montez Ford seems to have lost his patience and gets in. Both carry the fight in the ring, and the referee decrees another disqualification, but without a winner.

The rude guys are pulled out of the ring, and Montez Ford takes the microphone, and what do you think? now challenges them to a 3v3 match.

And in true Teddy Long style, we have a new fight.

► 4- The Street Profits and Bianca Belair vs. Ángel Garza, Austin Theory and Zelina Vega

And we have another variety of fighting from these six. The bell rings and Theory is the one who keeps up the pace, punishing Montez Ford in and out of the ring. Then the punishment against the corner continues.

Theory continues to dominate, although Ford resists the keys to the rookie, who has worked hard tonight.


Theory is distracted by attacking Dawkins, but when he turns around, Ford drops him a dropkick and they both lie down. Eventually, the ladies take over and after a brief attack from Zelina, she receives a pair of Belair breakers to put things in order.

Belair picks up momentum against the ropes, hits Theory and with a moonsault gets a score of 2, as Garza manages to interrupt. The Street Proftis intervene to attack their rivals to put them out of action.

In the ring, Belair prepares Zelina Vega for KOD and scores 3.

Bianca Belair and The Street Profits score the victory in an encounter that, as a whole, was very long. However, it was a good debut for the NXT on Raw. We assume this would be your promotion, so you can work in the same brand as your husband.

Behind the scenes, a video is shown where Bobby Lashley was interviewed after his loss yesterday. He said, very frustrated, that he needed a new manager ... or a new wife.


Then Lana arrives and Lashley leaves. Then this one says to Charly "What did you do to my husband?"

► 5- Aleister Black vs. Apollo Crews

Well, and Apollo was not on SmackDown? Anyway, the important thing is that he still has a job.

The bell rings and both start looking to apply a padlock. Then the fight momentarily turns into a turnkey festival. Neither takes advantage yet.

The fight continues even for a few minutes. However, Black takes a slight advantage when he manages to connect a couple of kicks to Apollo and achieves a count of 2. However, Apollo sends Black out of the ring, and manages to attack him with a series of kicks when Black is holding him by one leg. . Apollo breaks free and connects a standing moonsault on Black.

Surprisingly, the action has been more even than anticipated. In fact, Apollo gets a pair of 2 accounts right after returning from the commercial break.

Black knocks Apollo down with a couple of kicks. He goes for the Black mass but receives a contralona and counts 2 in the process.

Apollo achieves another count of 2 seconds after a bombing and can't believe it. Upon rejoining, Apollo connects a series of punches and with a lasso knocks Black down


Apollo looks for a frog splash, but fails and Black applies figure 4 to him and stoically holds on, but gets to the rope.

Apollo fails to rejoin, and Black prepares the Black mass. However, it fails, and gets kicked. Black misses another kick and Apollo sends Black out of the ring with an enzuigiri.

They're both on the corner, but Black lowers him to Apollo with a header. Seeks an air attack, but fails. However, it takes a couple of kicks to get a count of 2. Get another count of 2 after a moonsault.

However, after an exchange, Apollo surprises him with an enzuigiri on the corner. Then prepare it and apply a superplex, and cover for 2 seconds.

Apollo seeks to lift Black, but his leg fails (injured by figure 4). Black starts off with his flurry of fists, but gets hit and counts 2.

Now yes, Apollo picks up Black and drops him onto the mat. Connect 2 standing moonsaults and manage to cover for 2 seconds.

Apollo searches for the cornerback, but Black surprises him and searches for the superplex, but Apollo resists and throws him against the canvas with a facebreaker. Now he is looking for an iron, but he is received by a knee from Black and to the canvas.


Black prepares for the Black mass, but Apollo blocks it, throws a hit and fails. Black mass and 1, 2 and 3.

Aleister Black is the winner in a great fight. Perhaps motivated by circumstances and absences, but Apollo looked very good despite losing, and it is shown that with the right rivals, Aleister Black's matches are worth seeing.

► 6- Ricochet and Cedric Alexander vs. Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch

Burch and Alexander initiate the action, and the first hits a header and leaves Alexander without reaction. Lorcan takes over and continues to dominate 205 Live.

Burch returns to action and does not allow Alexander to hand over the baton.

Ricochet and Lorcan are replaced and "One and only" is who dominates. Get a count of 2 and Burch breaks the count.

Alexander enters and takes Burch out of the ring. Now between the 2 they combine with a series of quick movements to punish Lorcan. Ricochet is now the legal man and, while Alexander connects a Neutralyzer on Lorcan and launches his butt on Burch, Ricochet finishes Lorcan with the Recoil and achieves the count of 3.


Ricochet and Cedric Alexander are the winners in a quick contest. The pair combined very well and achieved a much needed victory. They may point to titles in the future.

Kevin Owens was interviewed earlier, he says the WrestleMania moment to pounce on Rollins was worth it. He says he is focused and will continue to fight because this is the "Kevin Owens Show"

And by the way, Who filmed the Owens promo ?, well ...

► 7- Seth Rollins vs. A victim

Rollins starts aggressively. It seems that he was seeing Owens and punishes his rival against the corner.


Rollins continues to punish, and after taking him out of the ring, he puts him back in. Stomp and count of 3.

Seth Rollins defeated his victim in a beating. Well, Monday Night Messiah, with no disciples, remains focused despite losing to Owens.

► 8- Nia Jax vs. Deonna purrazzo

Nia Jax returns, so as not to lose the habit of returning on the day after WrestleMania.

The bell rings and Nia Jax with the first blow leaves Purrazzo without reaction. Then he manages to apply a couple of ties, with great confidence.

Nia Jax continues playing with her rival, but she already decides to put on a series and applies a Samoan Drop, but does not cover. Then apply a modified DDT and count 3.

Nia Jax is the winner on her return to action. I think it leaves a clear message for the entire women's division.

► Replay of the Boneyard Match: The Undertaker vs. AJ Styles

This was an unprecedented fight that starred the first night of WrestleMania 36 and generated various reactions.

They can review the coverage this and the entire first night of WrestleMania 36 this link.

► 9- Humberto Carrillo vs. Brendan vink

Vink begins dominating using his power, however Carrillo manages to get him out of the ring with a series of kicks. He goes for a cap, but is greeted by a high boot from Vink.

Vink continues to dominate with pure power. However, an attack fails as Carrillo receives him with his elbow raised; he goes again and takes a kick. Carrillo then picks up momentum and throws himself on the plate and achieves a count of 1.

Carrillo gets up and gets a moonsault. Then he goes to the corner and from above, with a second moonsault, he settles the lawsuit.

Humberto Carrillo is the winner in a regular fight, and very short. We'll see if he gets back on track for the United States Championship once Andrade recovers.

In a video uploaded to the WWE YouTube account, Charlotte Flair was interviewed after her victory over Rhea Ripley. Charlotte takes a piece of advice her dad gave her, saying that the saying "man makes the suit," in the case of the title, "the woman makes the title." Then he concludes by saying: "Rhea Ripley was fine, but she does the same as all women: bow to The Queen. Woooo"

► Drew McIntyre spoke after WrestleMania

In a non-televised segment, McIntyre already appeared with the title around his waist and is interviewed in the center of the ring.

McIntyre says he can't grasp the magnitude of what he's accomplished (20 minutes ago), hasn't even been able to contact his family, but shows the new personalized plaques on his title.

Drew says he was mentally and physically prepared for this fight. He questioned Heyman for asking Brock to keep punishing him with F5 when he could barely get up, and tells him that he doesn't know him. With each F5 he received, the Scotsman became more and more upset and there they have the result. He is the new champion.

And the music of the Big Show plays, who comes with a referee (what a surprise). However, Show takes the microphone and congratulates him, telling him that the locker room has plenty of competitors who may be on his side, but that he is not a giant like him.

Show continues to provoke McIntyre and tells him that he doesn't want a title fight, nor does he want the Money in the Bank briefcase, but he wants to have a fight with the champion, he wants to know what it's made of. McIntyre tells him that he has already fought Lesnar and does not want to do it now, but Show tells him that he sees fear in him.

The Scotsman replies saying that this is not his first day at work, and that he is not afraid of Big Show or anyone, but he knows what the giant intends and does not want to fight. Big Show slaps him, and McIntyre takes the title off and looks like he's ready for another fight.

► 10- WWE Championship: Drew McIntyre vs. Big show

The bell rings and McIntyre throws himself against the giant.

However, Big Show manages to reverse the situation in his favor and, demonstrating his power, he manages to whip McIntyre several times against the canvas, while inviting him to get upset. Then he finishes it with an elbow-iron to achieve a count of 2.

Show continues to punish and continues to challenge him to do something. A motivational speech from the giant.

Show seeks to finish him off with the chokeslam, but McIntyre breaks free and with a powerslam he achieves a score of 2.

Show is stretched and McIntyre climbs the corner, launches, but now it falls on the hand of the Big Show who, now, applies the Chokeslam. Count of 2 only.

Show prepares its KO Punch, but fails. McIntyre picks up momentum and Claymore. 1, 2 and 3. It's over.

Drew McIntyre is the winner and achieves his first starting defense just 20 minutes after winning it. At least this fight was better than McIntyre vs. Lesnar. Show was a better rival.

And the Scotsman celebrates again.

Thus ends this issue of Raw. Thank you very much for joining us. We wait for you on Wednesday for another NXT coverage.

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  1. What happened gentlemen of Superfights? What happened Rendon? Did they scold them? Did you see that your ridiculous attempts to generate hatred for the WWE did not work and decided to change your position regarding your comments for the weekend? Did you realize that 95% of the fandom applauded the Boneyard Match and the Firefly Fun House Match and you guys were wrong? You just need to Google "Wrestlemania reactions" and you will see how favorable they are, even from the people of AEW that you are idolizing so much, only you want to be smart and your shot was shot in the butt, congratulations, they were worse than they were already.

    Regarding this Raw, a filler show, it seemed predictable that this would be the case, normally these Raw are those of the comebacks, surprises and debuts, but this time it was only Nia Jax, given the circumstances. Money in the Bank was announced from this weekend and the draft was mentioned yesterday, so these debuts, returns and promotions will occur as soon as WWE resumes its shows normally.

    Rescuing McIntyre, becomes more relevant given that in one night he defeated two legends and full weights of the company continuously for the title, Brock Lesnar and Big Show.

  2. It makes me laugh as in this coverage they talk saying that the Undertsker vs Styles fight generated "diverse reactions" when, before and after the fight, Superluchas has only dedicated himself to defecating in it and saying that it is the worst of the history of mankind. Double standard.

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      • I said it for Black since both local jobbers and main roster fighters, coincidentally, all were black in a row Lasley, Apollo and 3 local jobbers in a row, beat 5 blacks in a row. XD

      • In the Attitude era he did it without problems, now the "Politically Correct" do not allow Heels to be true and despicable Heels, nor in violent companies like CZW can not do that kind of thing.

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        • It says Partiality, and yes, very WWE haters, and TNAEW fanboys. The last straw was to call the Taker vs. Styles fight “a horrible thing”, and to assure that Undertaker copied Hardy since he already did this type of thing while Matt played with his brother on the stairs at his home without debuting in the wrestling

          • For me the Taker vs AJ was very entertaining. It was the one I liked the most, after the exercise they did between Our Hero John Cena and Wyatt and Orton vs Edge, ufff that ending.

    • As Anti Clown Meltzer said, Rendon seems to have his own point of view and does not go to lick the balls of all ex wwe as if his other colleagues do, at least he shows that he is impartial. girl, if you open on your own we support you.

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    • It is not a tricky idea if you think about it Whiskers, I am not going to excuse it, far from it but that idea was surely on the radar of WWE but due to the contingency it had to change, we know well that every year WWE debuts people and goes up to the main roster to those of NXT, and the day before WM the NXT Takeover was scheduled, Adam Cole would go vs Velveteen Dream so it was very feasible that he lost the title and since none of the EU has a title it was more than viable to go to the main roster. It assumes that this was going to happen, but there was a change of plans at least momentarily, as soon as it returns to normal that will happen.

      • The indys don't sell. It is like when you have many insects on the ground, you step on them and some of them are alive. Someone like CM Punk even becomes a top figure. But out of 100, they get 1 or 2 good indies.
        CM Punk himself took the path that the UFC was going to be like an indy and when they broke his face, reality made him see that he was wrong to leave WWE

        • It doesn't make sense what you say, I think you totally left the context of the comment.
          But hey, I answer it. Undisputed Era is what sells the most from NXT but far, and there are the reports, it's just a matter of Googling. Now speaking of Velveteen Dream, you can't say he's an indy, since he only fought on MCW and then went to Tough Enough, so you can say he's practically 100% WWE product.

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