Results of “New Blood-Redemption” (April 27) - LWA Peru

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“New Blood-Redemption” (April 27, 2013) - LWA Peru
The Professor applying the sniper to Ian Muhlig / @ / ElEsquinero
The new event organized by the Academy of Lwa Peru (Leader Wrestling Association), New Blood-Redemption. This is where all the fighters trained in the school cycles meet in various fights. This is done to give greater continuity to the new values ​​of Peruvian wrestling. In addition to facing the fighters already consolidated.
  • Emperor he beat Trash and Lee in a Triple Threat.
  • TVK defeated Alexander and Marcio.
  • Ian Muhlig beat El Profe in a Single Match.
  • Eddie Blas defeats Dorian after announcing that Axl would not appear in the ring.
  • Metal Wolf defeated Da Vinci and makes his return to LWA Peru after more than a year.
  • Mansilla beat Bad Boy and Kawashita.
Many surprises and more events organized by the LWA Academy are coming.
From now on I will bring you all the information about Peruvian wrestling.
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