Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows' next step confirmed

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They were fired from WWE April 15 after having agreed to renew their contracts to continue being Superstars for a few more years and until now they were looking for their future outside of this company. They have already found it. The main speculation at first was that Karl Anderson y Luke Gallows would sign with AEW. With so many friends there and the chance to join a wonderful division of couples made it the obvious move. But little by little he started talking about Impact Wrestling. Dismissing at all times his return to NJPW.

► Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows to Impact Wrestling

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows
Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows were WWE Raw Tag Team Champions

E Impact It is the company in which they will fight from now on. There is still no official date for when they will have their first appearance or information on how long they have signed. However, Dave Meltzer confirms that both will reach the impact zone soon in a recent note in the F4Wonline. This is based on reports from both Ryan Satin and Gary Cassidy pointing in the same direction.

In addition, the report points out interesting information on when could they debut:

"The non-competition clause they have with WWE ends on July 18, the same day that Slammiversary is celebrated, the new PPV of Impact. Meltzer was unable to confirm when they will debut. "

And it's not the only thing.

"He did confirm that both may return to New Japan when their schedule allows them to. "

It should be mentioned that this will be a new Gallows adventure in Impact after having worked in this company as DOC from 2011 to 2013, being part of the faction Aces & Eights. Instead, it will be Anderson's first time.

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows
When DOC (Luke Gallows) was part of Aces & Eights at Impact Wrestling