NXT (June 24, 2020) | Live results | Keith Lee vs. Finn Bálor vs. Johnny Gargano

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NXT JUNE 24, 2020 .— The yellow mark of WWE He continues programming interesting posters, with duels at the least provocation. This time we will have a shock that could well lead a TakeOver: Keith Lee will put into play the NXT North American Championship against Finn Bálor y Johnny Gargano. But more than the title is at stake: The winner will also receive a duel for the NXT Championship against Adam Cole for next July 8. The action of NXT is issued from the facilities of the Performance centerin Orlando, Florida.

NXT June 24, 2020

Tonight we will have other encounters between heavyweights. Damian Priest faces will be seen with Cameron grimes in one of them. In other, Karrion kross comes ready to tame the beast named Bronson reed. Can the Australian stop Kross's advance?

NXT June 24, 2020

Initially, it is shown that an hour ago Damian Priest was attacked.

Cameron Grimes opens the show and says Damian Priest will not show up after he has been attacked and demands that the referee count and declare victory by default.

But Priest appears and attacks Grimes and the bell finally rings.

► 1- Cameron Grimes vs. Damian Priest

Despite the pain and the bandage, Priest is the one who dominates Grimes, sending him to the canvas with a Big Boot.

Grimes searches for a suplex, but Priest breaks free with his elbows. Then apply a Chokeslam.

grimes 1

The action is now carried out of the ring and Priest was looking for the Crucifix, but he feels a lot of pain and releases Grimes.

He applies a Cave In outside the ring. The referee starts the count.

grimes 2

Priest returns somewhat battered to the ring and is surprised by a second Cave In and the referee counts to three.


grimes 3

Cameron Grimes is the winner in a short fight, conditioned by the attack received by Damian Priest prior to his fight.

On the outskirts, Robert Stone seeks to convince Rhea Ripley to be his protégé; however, it is sent to the trash can. Aliyah appears and slaps Ripley and it looks like they will meet in the ring later.

► 2- Santos Escobar vs. Jake atlas

The cruiserweight champion appears with Mendoza and Wilde.

The bell rings and Atlas goes with everything. Escobar fights back, but eventually receives an Atlas Crossbody and falls to the mat.

Now it is Atlas who dominates, first punishing the NXT Cruiserweight Champion against the corner; then, he takes it to the canvas and with a padlock he seeks to weaken his rival, although without success.

Atlas brings the action back to the canvas, Santos Escobar breaks free, but falls prey to Atlas scissors.


atlas 1

Atlas is on the edge of the ring and blocks a shot by Escobar; however, he is distracted by the bodyguards and Santos Escobar sends him out and Atlas hits the plexiglas.

Upon returning from the commercial, Santos Escobar connects a flying kick that sends Atlas to the canvas, and covers for two seconds.

Escobar subdues Atlas with a surrender key, but he reaches the ropes. Now, after an Irish whip, he achieves another kick and another count of two.

Atlas is overpowered in the middle of the ring and Escobar searches for the Phantom Driver, but Atlas breaks free and mounts a brief offensive and sends Escobar to the canvas. After a Standing Moonsault, achieve a count of two.

atlas 2

Atlas also connects a Moonsault over Mendoza and Wilde. In the ring, Atlas scores another two count after a facebreaker on Escobar. However, he recovers and moments later, he manages to apply the Phantom Driver and achieves the count of three.

Santos Escobar is the winner in a good fight and the NXT cruiserweight champion looks dominant. In fact, he did not require the help of his companions, who call themselves "The Ghost's Legacy"


We have another Roderick Strong session where the psychologist. The doctor turned out to be Kyle O'Reilly and the Undisputed Era guys are in good spirits.

Following O'Reilly's words, Strong looks motivated and ready for his fight against Dexter Lumis.

Malcolm Bivens is interviewed and looks upset with Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan for attacking them last week, when they just wanted to look closely at who would come out as NXT tag team champions. For them, they will seek to erase them from the map.

We have a promotional video of tonight's stellar encounter for the NXT North American championship, with interventions by Finn Balor, Keith Lee and Johnny Gargano. Here is the preamble:

► 3- Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter vs. Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez

Carter and Gonzalez start the action and the latter holds his rival, but Kayden Carter manages to connect several machetes.

Catanzaro enters, but it is like an ant looking to torture an elephant, and Gonzalez is undeterred. Carter re-enters and between the two they send Gonzalez against the ropes and do him some damage.

Catanzaro returns to enter, but more of the same, it turns out to be dominated, first by Gonzalez and later by Kai. The toughs combine and a combination of Gonzalez's Big Boot and Powerbomb for a count of two that Carter interrupts.


kai 1

Carter and Kai again in action and the first is the one who dominates and sends Dakota Kai to the canvas. This one takes refuge in the ropes, but receives a kick and another account of two for Carter.

carter 2

Catanzaro and Gonzalez enter and after the former achieves a series of kicks, she is quickly countered by Gonzalez. With a big boot he sends Carter outside and with a Powerbomb he plants Catanzaro in the ring. Relay for Dakota Kai, who finishes off with the Koji Clutch.

carter 3

Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez are the winners in a regular fight and the toughs continue their winning streak. Dakota took the opportunity to again challenge Io Shirai.

► 4- Karrion Kross vs. Bronson reed

And we have another spectacular entry from Karrion Kross, in the company of Scarlett.


Bronson Reed started everything, but Kross quickly reverses the situation, sending Reed against the corner. Big Boot followed by a forehand sends Reed against the canvas. Upon rejoining, Kross gets an Exploder.

kross 1

Kross is going to liquidate this, but Reed receives it with a forehand, followed by an enzuigiri and a German Suplex.

However, Kross gets up right away and applies the Northern light Suplex, followed by a great lasso. Then another Suplex and Reed falls. Kross immediately goes for the Kross Jacket and Reed gives up.

kross 2

Karrion Kross is the winner in a short fight. Although Reed had his seconds of fame, this was a total dominance of Karrion Kross and remains unstoppable on NXT.

► 5- Rhea Ripley vs. Aliyah

Aliyah looks for the ropes, but Ripley takes it to the bad and sends it to the canvas. With a drokick he sends Aliyah out of the ring and she receives some advice from Robert Stone.

Aliyah applies a guillotine on Ripley, looks for the third rope and falls into the arms of this, although eventually he breaks free.

Ripley continues dominance and with a big boot sends Aliyah back for the umpteenth time on the mat.


rhea 1

Ripley applies the clover and Aliyah doesn't give up, but Robert Stone takes off a shoe and throws it at Ripley, who drops the key and goes in pursuit. Eventually she catches her, but she only takes out the cam and Stone escapes.

Aliyah searches for a creeper but Ripley doesn't flinch. Finally, the former NXT Champion gets the Riptide and that was it.

ripley 2

Rhea Ripley is the winner in a regular fight, which was interrupted by the act of Robert Stone, who looks defeated with his new client.

► 6- Roderick Strong vs. Dexter lumis

Strong looks scared and hesitates to approach Lumis, who doesn't flinch. Strong gets out of the ring and Bobby Fish harangued him.

Strong leaves for the second time and Lumis goes in search of him. Strong flees as best he can and although he crashes into the plexiglas, he manages to escape.

Dexter Lumis returns to the ring and the referee counts to ten. It's over.


Dexter Lumis is the winner by count out. Okay...

Bobby Fish laments, but gets too close to the ring, and Lumis captures him with the Anaconda Vise. Fish breaks free and escapes.

fish 1

Behind the scenes, William Regal announces that Robert Stone will face Rhea Ripley next week. Ripley can't wait for the moment.

FOR NEXT WEEK: Mia Yim vs. Tegan Nox vs. Dakota Kai vs. Candice LeRae will face each other in a four corner fight to define the number one challenger to the NXT Women's Championship.

► 7- NXT North American Championship: Keith Lee vs. Finn Balor vs. Johnny Gargano

During introductions, Gargano is booed and Lee is cheered, as expected.

When the bell rings, Gargano leaves the ring and Lee corners Balor and sends him to the ring. Gargano takes advantage and seeks to attack Lee from behind, but he is surprised by this and also thrown like a sack on the canvas.


Immediately, Lee tackles both rivals and they fall back to the canvas, and so we go to the commercial break.

Upon returning, Lee sends Gargano to the canvas and was looking to do the same with Balor, but Balor runs off and applies the sleeper. Lee is released and Gargano is now the one who takes advantage and applies the same key.

Lee looks weakened and involuntarily Gargano and Balor combine to punish the Champion; However, it manages to hold both and sends them back. The public celebrates.

keith lee 1

Keith Lee sends Balor first and then Gargano, with a right hand, out of the ring. Lee goes in his search is surprised by Balor.

Gargano with a Rolling Senton shoots Lee. Balor seeks to continue the siege, but after connecting with a machete, Lee blocks his attack and remains unmoved despite Balor seeking to send him against the metal stairs. However, Gargano appears from behind and between him and Balor they send Lee against the stairs and another commercial break.

keith lee 2

Back in action, Gargano and Balor are in the ring and the latter is the one who dominates the actions, but Gargano recovers with a kick and then with a kind of spear, achieving a score of two over Balor.

Balor momentarily gets rid of Gargano and with a stop hits a Keith Lee who has not yet returned to the ring. Gargano was looking to surprise Balor, but he reverses and with a Final cut he achieves a count of two.


balor 1

Lee returns to the ring and brings order to the situation, punishing Balor and Gargano at opposite corners. While Lee had just connected a right hand to Gargano, Balor took advantage and applied the sleeper again.

Gargano returns to action and with a Keith Lee on the ground, he applies the One Final Beat on Balor and achieves the count of two, which Lee interrupts.

balor 2

Outside the ring, Balor was looking for the 1916 on Gargano, but Lee attacks both and the three are stretched out in the ring.

In the ring, Lee searches for the Spirit Bomb, but in the air, Balor turns him into a double stomp and sends Lee to the canvas.

Balor searches for the Coup de Grace, but Lee catches it and is looking to send it to the mat. Gargano attacks him from behind and applies a vine and the referee counts to two, despite having leaned on the middle rope.

read 2

Lee recovers and applies the Big Bang Catastrophe on Gargano and covers, but Balor recovers and from the corner is launched and Coup de Grace on Gargano, since Keith Lee anticipated the movement and dodged.

Balor laments and Keith Lee applies the Big Bang Catastrophe to him and the referee counts to three.


keith lee 3

Keith Lee is the winner in a good match that went from less to more. Keith Lee is now going for the NXT Championship in two weeks against Adam Cole.

By the way, Adam Cole appears and has a confrontation with Keith Lee. The winner will take it all on July 8 next.

Thus ends this broadcast of NXT. Thank you very much for joining us. We wait for you on Friday for another Friday Night Smackdown coverage