NTWE Cádiz will open a new professional wrestling school

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In a recent interview with Team Whitewolf, we remember that the tradition of Spanish wrestling gained popularity in the fifties and sixties. Recently, the fight was noticed again among fans, and Spain has become a territory of growing hobby.

Spanish companies, which emerged some decades ago, form local fighters in order to feed back the competitive landscape. The Andalusian company NTWE Cádiz contacted us to communicate the creation of a new professional wrestling school.

"Our school will give its first classes in January 2019, meeting in the gym 3x4 Drei Sport Gym located on Calle Santa María del Mar N ° 3, in Cádiz capital. We currently have the Cadiz fighter Jack bagans, who will be in charge of training anyone who wants to be part of our school.

"We have closed collaborations with companies and national fighters and international, that, little by little, they will see the light once our students advance. So far, so far we can reveal. "

- Is there enough demand in southern Spain to supply this new school?

"We believe that, like any beginning, it will be a matter of settling. Today we have a group prepared for classes And surely that group will grow. Seeing the demand for wrestling in Andalusia, that is without a doubt a totally feasible possibility. "

NTWE Cádiz account for contact a Facebook pageAlso from an Instagram account. They are already developing a web page. For those interested in participating in the classes, the contact is direct with the organization of NTWE Cádiz.

From SUPER FIGHTS, We wish good luck to the Cadiz company in this new adventure.