MVP will return to the ring tonight in WWE RAW

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First was nostalgia, with the leading role of legends like Ric Flair, Christian and Big Show. And later, the use of starting defenses as a hook, through the slogan of "Championship Monday". WWE RAW has managed to make Paul Heyman forget for the moment through its hallmarks, with a philosophy of carpe diem that we will see until when it maintains its bellows, because after all, it will expire sooner rather than later.

We will see if tonight's episode continues to improve audience levels, because at the moment, it only has two matches scheduled, announced a few minutes ago.

► WWP RAW MVP under non-title matchup

«After he was cheated last week, the United States Champion Apollo Crews will have a chance to get revenge tonight when he faces MVP in a non-title match on WWE Raw!»

«¡The Viking Raiders, Eric & Ivar are ready to battle against Angel Garza & Andrade TONIGHT on WWE Raw!»

Interesting that WWE tagged Zelina Vega in this last combat, and yet do not do the same in the previous one with Bobby Lashley, who appears in the graph of the same as a companion to MVP. On the other hand, note that Andrade is already named first before Andrade.

Notes aside, MVP will contest its tenth match since returning to WWE this year, and in theory should lead to Crews joining him, forming alongside Lashley what aims to be a faction, as reported by Paul Davis of WrestlingNews.Co.


In addition, we already report a double contract signing of the Drew McIntyre vs. fights Dolph Ziggler and Asuka vs. Sasha Banks that will take place in Extreme Rules 2020. Remember not to disconnect with SUPER FIGHTS, a medium that will offer you live coverage of WWE RAW.