Zack Ryder gives obvious clue about his future after WWE

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The future of Zack Ryder trans WWE is unknown at this time but everything indicates that he will sign with Impact wrestling. It would not be a bad destination for the veteran fighter because although this company is not what it was in the past, it is still important within the fighting industry. Also because he would have the opportunity to get away from the image that everyone has of him as a Superstar. Or because I would share a cast with gladiators by far Willie mack, Ace austin, Daga, Eddie Edwards, Sami callihan o TJP. The reasons for signing with many, now it remains to be seen if he finally does.

► Zack Ryder's future after WWE

Zack Ryder's future after WWE
Zack Ryder, now Matt Cardona, hints that he will go to Impact Wrestling

And that is precisely what he seems to do after he himself put a new clue on the table. Matt cardona, real name of the gladiator, which will be the one he uses from now on, made a publication in the official club's Twitter page reports pointing to his presence in 2020 Slammiversary.

"In 13 days, a bunch of super talented, pissed off and hungry fighters will be unleashed".

As you can read, he not only speaks for himself, but also for others, which is not a surprise because in the months that have passed since WWE's "black Wednesday" several names have been mentioned that could sign with Impact. The new PPV of this company will be held on July 18 and it is the perfect time and setting for whoever is going to make their debut to do so.

As for other fighters who could accompany him on this new adventure after having also seen his contract with the McMahon empire terminated on April 15 they talk mainly about Rusev, Karl Anderson y Luke Gallows. They would all be good additions to the cast of Impact just as it would be good for them to work in this organization from now on. Everyone can renew themselves and leave their past behind as Superstars.

He hasn't been very successful in recent years but Matt Cardona could turn his career around at Impact.