"The Amazing" Angel Cotto: "Savio Vega don't get in my business"

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"El Asombroso" Angel Cotto was last weekend at the IWA Florida event and had a confrontation against general manager Savio Vega, where at one point he took Savio's bat to attack Papi Nieves. Angel Cotto sent us this exclusive video for SUPER FIGHTS, where he tells Savio Vega not to get involved in his affairs.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMPb93QC-TE]

I also take the opportunity to send a message to Bazooka for this Saturday, February 23 at the company WOWT in Chicago where it will be a clash of nations between Puerto Rico vs Mexico. The event will be at the Prisco Community Center at 150 W. Illinois Ave. Aurora in Chicago.