Edge vs. Randy Orton causes annoyance in WWE due to evocation of Chris Benoit

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Some fans who pay attention to details, last night, wrote immediately to SUPER FIGHTS something quite particular happened once in WrestleMania 36. Specifically, in the last man standing fight Edge vs Randy Orton. And it is that, in the first minutes, both got out of the ring and entered the gym of the WWE Performance Center, where something unexpected happened: Randy Orton tried to hang Edge by the neck.

WWE WRESTLEMANIA 36 (April 5, 2020) | Live results | The second night 37

► Edge vs Randy Orton: The controversy

Yes. Similar way to the one you used Chris Benoit to commit suicide after blinding the life of Nancy benoit and son Daniel Benoit. Hanging out in a gym is not a common thing so it doesn't seem like a reference to that fact, although we suppose that was not the intention.

In this regard, the journalist Dave Meltzer commented in the most recent edition of the Wrestling Observer Radio, that this moment of the struggle that brought to mind the events of Benoit's death and acts, they fell ill inside some people in WWE. These were his words:

"Some people in the company told me it didn't offend them. But others were offended by it. I knew it as soon as I saw it. It is impossible that you did not see Benoit at that time, of course, unless he is a fan of new data. Here's something else too: this has probably affected talent, wrestlers, more than fans, because while you can say that there are fans who are new and did not notice it, There is not a single fighter there who does not know the Chris Benoit story. Not even a single one".

Chris Benoit Edge vs Randy Orton
Edge vs Randy Orton

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  1. Well, it probably evoked the memory of Benoit in several fighters, but I don't think that spot was malicious. Edge and Randy's feud was the most personal of all WM and deserved many brutal spots. That was one of those, and I'm sure at no time did either of them want to remember Chris with it.

  2. Ridiculous.
    This seems to me a total invention and fallacy of Meltzer to get something to talk about, and guess who believes everything about him, yes, Superfights.

  3. When an image reminded you of another image, obviously you should have seen that first image, I wonder, did anyone see the hanging body of Chris Benoit? the GREAT JOURNALIST who writes this note, saw Chris Benoit hanging? were you on the scene Meltzer, did you see the scene, did he see Benoit hanging? Has any of you fans ever seen a picture of the lifeless body of Chris Benoit hanging? and then how the hell could a scene remind you of another scene you never saw. Please both complain about the WWE creatives and you can't even be creative in your notes.

  4. JBL hung Jericho by the neck in 2008 or 2009 and nobody cried for it is very idle to go around fixing his some offensive detail to the person

  5. I did not realize and did not remember that fact at the time of the fight, we should stop talking about a murderer and give more importance to the show that these two offered, I am sure that WWE did not want to refer to Benoit and less with how squishy and politically correct it is today simply slipped away.

  6. Yes and the cockroach that was crushed in a corner, if you look closely it is a tribute to Beltrán

  7. In fact, when it happened live I realized how similar it was to what happened to Benoit, but from there to getting uncomfortable or saying "Hey, what the hell did they do", it is stupid, I think it only offended or was uncomfortable for those who are usually uncomfortable or offended by everything. The community is no longer the same as before, they are a lot of haters and cardboard children who are not used to seeing that a couple of legends can take their fight to something more personal as they were before in the ruttles aggressive era.

  8. The strangulation thing was the best due to the personal nature of the fight. I go back and ask the question I ask whenever they publish these articles: who are they «some people in wwe»
    Give your names, ask them on Twitter and explain why, supposedly, they were angry.

  9. Exaggerations as always, it has nothing to do with it, it was a simple tool that was used to make a Sleepy Hardcore, the equipment cables or the ropes of the ring are also used, very exaggerated and sincerely play with that to make a note to call Attention is in bad taste, but this time I am not saying this mainly to those on this page, but to Clown Meltzer and anyone else who has used that to make a note like this and attract attention, sometimes it is better to think well and analyze things, before launching a controversial note of a horrible fact like that. The Benoit thing should not be mentioned in that way as if it were an anecdote, because it is not at all. And I repeat, this time the criticism is not only to you, but to all the sites that made a note like this without any need. Talk about the fight itself, not making a fact that has absolutely nothing to do. The protagonists of that fight are Edge and Randy Orton, not Benoit or that fact.

    • That's why I believe myself to be politically correct, the hypocrisy that for WWE everything is negative and for the indy fight it's all good: I also believe in blacks, browns and Galicians who ironically pretend to be WWE trolls

  10. what a slobber, pure shorons from twitta complain.

    So next time, don't shake powerbombs because that move left paraplegic to droz

    • It is a trolling or rather, an attempted trolling when in the comments to the journalist they compare it with an insect and the troll loses its effect

  11. I didn't like Wrestler shit but this is crazy. Anyone from the old school knows what Ocampo thinks of the Benoit event. This time he left the dirty work to the ing. of 18 years

    • Many idiocies were said at the time of the case: at the time that was being debated by Yahoo Groups, they said that the mafia killed him and why he warned that he was going to commit suicide, among other conspiracies

      • They even suspected Jobericho just because of the name "Chris" or a certain Sullivan who was his wife's ex, a lot of nonsense.

  12. Of course, superfights do not know how else to tell us that they do not like WM. Stop the bullshit.



    BUT PUTTING THIS NON-SILLY NN and saying that he remembered ... it sounds ridiculous to put up an indy or fanboy post

    • Why do you write in capital letters? Do you realize that you are the only one who does it? Why do you think it will be? 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

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