Wrestling at the Barcelona Live Mexico Fair

The best Lucha Libre returns to Barcelona with Vila Catch and Rudos V Catch, with events of a high level, this time they presented themselves at the Barcelona Live Mexico event, organized by the Mexican-Mexican culture association MEXCAT on September 12 on the occasion of the patriotic month in Mexico. here they presented themselves with some local gladiators like Jocoso Jr. in their main event, a fight that confronted Aztec fighters against the French, who apparently wanted to take off the battle of Cinco de Mayo.

Napoleón Luis and Pier La fallete were presented with the French national anthem before the coastal fighter Zebra Zulu, and against which the Jalapeño Lopez was the idol of the night. both sides met with everything in a dynamic fight, where the Mexican style prevailed and left no other option to the French representatives of the catch that resort to foul play.

In the end the Mexican game was imposed and they took an enchilada with the Jalapeño that took the fight on behalf of three to a single fall, although the fight began with the French anthem ended with the resonated Mexican anthem and the compatriots residing in those lands singing it, to remind the French that we are still good warriors.