Video: Chilean Wrestling Fights - Sinner vs. Caoz vs Ricky Marvin

Caoz, Sinner and Marvin prior to the fight, photograph belonging to the National Fight Xplosion

Greetings dear readers of Superluchas. This time I bring a fairly recent fight, but it was so good and has had such an impact that I think it was worth writing about what this tremendous fight was in the Glory Days event of the National Xplosion of Struggle.

The story of this fight is as follows: Sinner He is one of the best air fighters in Chile, if not the best, the public has always been very fond of him for his suicidal style, which can be seen in moves such as this Swanton Bomb from the top of an Ultimate X, and also, for his sexy man character that fascinates the women who attend the events of XNL. Precisely because of this, the public used to regret that Sinner had never obtained a degree in XNL, and despite having had several victories in his career, as long as the fight was about being a number one challenger or rightly for some championship, his efforts were unsuccessful.

Video: Great Chilean Wrestling Fights - Dick Togo in Chile Wrestling

Dick Togo performs simultaneous surrender to Bajo Cero and Bunny. Photograph by Marcelo Urzúa

You can say, without fear of being wrong, that Dick togo he must be one of the most recognized independent Japanese fighters in the West, a product of his time in Kaientai, which led him to have appearances in ECW and WWE (then WWF). Togo's approach with South America begins at the beginning of 2011, when Dick Togo announced that he was retiring from wrestling, and that his retirement tour would end in South America, more specifically in Bolivia, this because as he points out in this interview He is an admirer of Che Guevara and wanted his career to end in the place where he died.


Video: Great Chilean Wrestling Fights - Giger vs XL

A bleeding Giger receives applause from the public / Image of National Fight Xplosion

Greetings dear readers of Superluchas. My intention with these articles will be to show a little of the wrestling that is done in my country, Chile, which has already had several articles on this site, in this case, I intend to show you good fighting that has taken place in these lands so that Be encouraged to learn more about our fight.